Mobile phones of the future

It is no secret that I am a huge geek when it comes to mobile phones. I have always loved to keep up to date with the latest developments, and that passion grew during my years as a customer service advisor for a UK mobile phone network.

I left the industry in 2008. Since then, the marketplace has changed a LOT. Back then, Blackberry, Nokia and Sony Ericsson were the big players. These days, Apple and Samsung are definitely the most popular devices. This industry is fickle, though. It only takes one new piece of tech for a new market leader to come out of nowhere (at least for a while)!

e2 Save have made a funky, interactive tool which shows the predicted future of mobile technology. I have been keeping a keen eye on some of the concepts mentioned. I’ve seen quite a lot of rumours about iWatch. Every time I hear mention of it, all I can think of is those hideous digital watches from the 80’s with the built in calculators! My brother had one of those and he thought it was the coolest thing ever! (Have I mentioned he’s a bigger geek than I am)?!

The image to the left is my warped interpretation of the iWatch. I have to be honest… I think it’ll be a bit of a waste of time. Then again, I don’t like wearing a watch so I’m hardly the target customer!

Other new tech, which is being discussed a lot at the moment includes google glass. This is something I am very excited about. The idea of being able to read an email without touching my phone is pretty cool. Not to mention taking a photo and emailing it to people, hands free! The main drawback I can see for Google glass is the price. $1600, and you’ll look a bit like the Terminator! It’ll be interesting to see where this tech leads, though. Imagine sunglasses, which can show you the UV levels to make you cover up or apply more cream?

Built in projectors isn’t something I can see taking off. I already have an iPhone and apple tv, so I can get my videos and images to display on my TV in a few seconds, already. I know Samsung devices have a similar ability, too. I doubt a projector will be much more than a gimmick. 

Where do you think mobile technology will go next? Do you think we will all be wearing google glass, and actual handsets will be obsolete by 2020? I doubt it, somehow!

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