I’m 35 in a few months’ time, and still love to play computer games as much as I did when I was 15. I’ve been waiting semi patiently for the past 6 months or so for Two Point Hospital to be released, and yesterday was the day! My constant whinging must have worked, because Hubby bought it for me – on release day! I can’t remember the last time I bought a game on launch day – it’s been a long while!

Anyway… I tweeted a fair bit about the game yesterday and used the #gamergirl. I’m not sure if maybe I’m a bit old for that hashtag though? Perhaps #MumGamer or #PastItGamer would be more appropriate?!

Moving swiftly on to the game….

I downloaded Two Point Hospital last night and then lost 4 hours of my life completing the first 2 levels. It is addictive! I am playing on my MacBook Pro, and have had no issues with it. If you were a fan of Theme Hospital back in the day. you’re going to love this! It’s a similar idea, but more customisable, different illnesses and more options.

The first thing to really make me laugh was when a patient died, and turned into a ghost. My Janitor promptly got all Ghostbusters on the ghoul, and sucked it up into his Dust Buster style hand held vac!

two point hospital ghost

Then there was a PANdemic, and I had to get some new equipment to help these patients out of their sticky situation…

Next up, I had to help these guys to cure their JEST INFECTIONS…!!

Jest infection two point hospital

I’m not going to lie – the clowns terrify me!


How have I found Two Point Hospital?

It’s easy to play, and your assistant who pops up to give you regular tips talks you through everything in an easy to follow way. I am playing Two Point Hospital on my MacBook Pro and the only negative I have is that because I’m left handed, it’s really hard to use the free rotate option as I’m using the laptop track pad and not a mouse, so holding the left ctrl button while using the trackpad is a bit like mission impossible.

Despite that, I am still loving the game. I’m not even slightly ashamed to admit hubby has been dumped in favour of the game for the foreseeable future. You have the option to move onto the next hospital after reaching 1 star, or you can develop each hospital until you hit the maximum 3 star rating. I have opted for the latter option.

I’m only on the 3rd hospital now, so there’s absolutely loads left for me to learn, and plenty of challenges for me to complete. I’m new to the whole “Steam” thing, and doubt I’ll be streaming my gameplay, but I’ve dipped in and watched a few other gamers giving it a whirl. Life with 2 boxer dogs and 2 young kids makes my gaming methods a lot less fluid than most gamers. The pause feature is 100% required in this house!

I love how much detail you can add to the game – from putting desks and plant pots (or most other things) at a wonky angle, to putting posters and certificates on the walls. In The Sims, characters love it when their environment is posh – patients in Two Point Hospitals are the same! The fancier the better, as far as they are concerned!

Two point hospital banner

Nintendo Switch

Fastforward to 2020, and the game is now available on the Nintendo Switch. I bought it a while back, and once you get used to the controls, it’s just as much fun as the desktop version. A word of warning though – gameplay is identical on both versions, so don’t buy it if you’re hoping for different missions etc.


If you’re a gamer of a certain age, Two Point Hospital is definitely going to remind you of Theme Hospital. However, the graphics, personalisation options and humour are by far superior in my opinion.

Would I pay £24.99 for it? Probably not – but I’m a cheap skate! Hubby got it for £13.38, thanks to a flash deal from Voidu.

All told, I think it’s great fun and a brilliant way to lose yourself for a few hours.

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