Instead of mindlessly watching television or scrolling through social media… There are some better alternatives that make for more mentally stimulating pastimes. Here are some great games that appeal to your geeky side, while also having some brain-expanding attributes as well. So read on to hear my recommendations…

Real-Time Strategy Games That Appeal To Your Geeky Side

Real-time strategy games are a genre of video games that revolve around time and resource managing elements. As you play, you usually try to build up a city, fleet, or army against opponents. Of course, this happens continuously, or in “real time” as the name would imply. As opposed to turn – based combat found in other strategy games. This is a unique playstyle that has some surprising benefits for the mind. 

With so much information coming at you, your brain is in processing overdrive. Research performed by Frontiers in Human Neuroscience has found that RTS games can improve your cognitive development, hand-eye coordination, strategic planning and more. These are surely some of the geekiest video games to play because they rely so heavily on management and long-term planning, as opposed to other games that you can lazily stumble through. 

Classic Casino Games

If you have geeky interests and enjoy diving into studying and theory… You may want to consider trying out some iconic casino games. While you may not have considered it before, many classic and well-known casino games have a lot of strategy and theory involved. With so many options like craps, roulette, blackjack, and others, there’s a wide range of choices that may appeal to you.

craps dice games that appeal to your geeky side

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For instance, blackjack is heavily rooted in mathematical tables and probabilities. Almost all of these games will require lots of studying, comparing methods, and open discussion with other enthusiasts… If you want to really learn the finer points of the game, anyway. They are also great for testing your knowledge and memory.

Fantasy Sports

For sports fans who have a nerdy side, fantasy sports are a thrilling hobby to get into. Sports fans love to understand the inner workings of the game and test themselves by putting together their own fantasy teams. From here, you can compete against other real players in leagues for prizes or bragging rights.

If you are a hardcore sports fan, it’s easy to see the appeal. You are constantly weighing up matchups and deciding which fantasy players you want to compete with for the week. In fantasy football, you will have to know all of the best footballers, and understand their strengths and weaknesses. You’ll also need to determine the best course of action for their next match. It’s exciting for fantasy sports players to test their knowledge and pour through spreadsheets. 

Tycoon and Builder Computer Games 

If you ever wanted to be an architect, or had a dream of owning your own theme park… The Tycoon computer games will be right up your alley. You may remember games like RollerCoaster Tycoon, Thrillville, Zoo Tycoon, and others. In this style of games, you create your own theme park from scratch and gradually build it up to be the best in the world.

These types of games revolve around park management, city planning, and keeping your customers happy, all in one satisfying experience. If I had to choose my favourites, Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 and the much more recent Two Point Hospital (pictured below on my Switch) would win. 

mug of coffee, plate with toast and a Nintendo Switch propped up, with Two Point Hospital on the screen... games that appeal to your geeky side

This popular genre has spread to numerous other games as well. There are now hospital simulators, farm games, alien planets, prisons, city planning and many more to choose from once you have graduated from theme parks. Be cautious though! You can easily lose hours at a time playing these stimulating titles. I’m 37 and still frequently do! 

Dungeons and Dragons

For a classic geeky game that can’t be beaten, Dungeons and Dragons is my go-to. Before video games took over, you had to rely on your imagination and storytelling abilities with board games like this. 

There are plenty of benefits here as well. You get to roleplay with your best friends, enjoy some banter, and go through quests together. If you enjoy fantasy elements, and have some creative flair to throw in, Dungeons and Dragons makes for a great afternoon.

Additionally… My brother prefers Warhammer, but we won’t talk about that! Finally, my all time favourite geeky game is definitely Scrabble… Hardly surprising, considering my love of words, is it?!



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