Photo 365 – Day 84

Day 84: Monday 25th March 2013

The weather was once again rubbish, and both Sam & Syd were sniffling and snottering like they were coming down with colds, so I decided we’d stay in the warm today.

We spent the morning playing in the playroom, then when Sam went down for his nap, I set to work making some Spaghetti. I then split it into 4 bowls and added Red, Blue and Yellow food colouring to 3 of the bowls, and left the 4th plain. Once Sam got up, I plonked the spaghetti onto their messy play mat, stripped Sam and Syd off, and let them get messy.

Syd got stuck in and had great fun exploring. Sam cried and sat in the
furthest corner from the mat – he really doesn’t like messy play!

Check back soon for more sneaky peeks into life with the caped crusaders!

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