Photo 365 – Day 82 and 83

Day 82: Saturday 23rd March 2013.

After freezing half to death, taking the kids out for a walk while Hubby sorted out the playroom, we got the Batman paddling pool out, and filled it with balls!
It is the first time Sam and Sydney have played nicely together. I sat watching them for ages, with a HOT cup of tea in my hand.
I managed to finish it while it was still hot, as well!

This is progress!

Day 83: Sunday 24th March 2013

Today, Sydney turned 9 Months old!
I cannot believe that 9 Months ago, she was all brand new and teeny weeny!
It feels like a lifetime ago in so many ways, but like a second ago in others! My baby girl is growing up!

We went to her friend Leah’s 1st birthday party today, and both Syd and Sam were on their best behaviour! It was great seeing Sam playing around other kids.

Syd wore the outfit I got her to wear on xmas day, but she never ended up putting on as I decided Xmas Day was a PJ day right at the last second. She just squeezed into it.

I think I will be moving the buttons across this week, so she can wear it again for Easter next week.

This photo is my entry into this week’s project 365 linky – apologies for it being on a shared post…!

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

Tune in tomorrow, for another sneaky peek into Geek family life!

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