Photo 365 – Day 79-81

I am posting 3 days worth of photo 365 images in one go because the past few days have been a bit crazy. Wednesday night was a complete write off due to exhaustion. Thursday night was meant to be catch up night, but the internet died, so I had to boycott my blog again. Tonight is, therefore catch up night!

I am posting days 79-81 on 1 blog post so I don’t flood RSS subscribers’ inboxes.

Here we go.

Day 79: (Wednesday 20th March). 

Sam was playing with his Doctor’s bag and put it on his head. I took it off, and it made his hair stand on end. Cue 15 Minutes of putting the bag back on and pulling it off. This photo was right at the start of the chaos. By the end, he had about 1/4 of his hair standing on end. Fun times!

Day 80: (Thursday 21st March).

Syd fell asleep with her legs in the frog position, on my chest. (Lay on her back, with her bum at my tummy and her head at my knees). I took this snapshot and thought it was super cute. Baby feet rule!

Day 81: (Friday 22nd March).

I was trying to take a cute photo of Syd this morning, and Sam decided to photobomb in an amazing way! He jumped onto my knee, scaring me half to death, and this photo is a direct result of that. Imagine me shouting “AAAAAAArgh” as this is happening, and you may as well have been there!

So there you have it. 3 random snippets of life with the Caped Crusaders!

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