Photo 365 – Day 98-99

Day 98: Monday 8th April 2013

Today, we were lucky enough to receive a huge pile of clothes from Mothercare to review. I put on a bit of a fashion show on instagram, showing off some of the pieces. I posted lots of really nice photos of the kids, but this “out take” of Sydney playing peek-a-boo through her lovely new dress had me crying laughing. Peek a boo is her favourite game at the moment, and she wouldn’t let me take a decent photo as she was having too much fun with the lace dress!

Day 99: Tuesday 9th April 2013

Sydney’s auntie bought her this outfit for Easter. We were visiting her today, so I put it on Syd. She looked this lovely for about 5 minutes… then promptly threw up Weetabix all over the tutu. Cleaning Weetabix out of a mesh tutu is no easy task! 

Until next time…!

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