I recently had the opportunity to try a Snapbox Canvas, and I jumped at the chance. The children’s playroom is the perfect place for canvas prints, and they brighten up the room immensely.

We already had a couple of Canvas prints on display, but the Snapbox ones are altogether different from ‘regular’ canvases.

They are offered in 5 different sizes, and ranging from £13.99 to £34.99;

13x13cm – £13.99
13x18cm – £17.99
20x25cm – £24.99
23x23cm – £27.99
25x33cm – £34.99

I opted for the largest, 25 x 33cm which would usually cost £34.99.

The ordering process was about as simple as it gets, allowing you to either upload an image, or use one you’ve posted to Facebook. Once selected, you are presented with a preview of how your print will look once framed. If you wish, you can crop or rotate the image, or even apply effects such as sepia, vintage or black & white.

Once satisfied with the result, you simply select the size you want and ‘add to cart’. Checkout is straightforward and payment is accepted via the usual credit and debit cards.

Only 2 days later, my Snapbox print was delivered via Fedex. The box itself was much bigger than the print, and there was ample protection around it to prevent damage during transit.

On inspection, the quality of the print is quite remarkable – and very different to any canvas we’ve had before. It almost has an ‘oil painting’ look about it, rather than the ‘slightly faded’ appearance you usually get with Canvases.

I used a very high resolution photo taken on my iPhone, and the quality is superb, with excellent colour reproduction.

Canvas prints are usually simple frames with the canvas stretched around it, however the Snapbox is different. An additional frame is added, which makes the canvas appear to ‘float’ in a box. It’s a very different appearance, but very effective. It also allows you to stand the print on it’s own – for example on a desk or shelf, rather than having to mount it to the wall.

Overall, the Snapbox is certainly the best quality canvas print I’ve seen, and the quirky frame gives it that little ‘extra’ – I can certainly see how a few more of these, in different sizes, would make for a great display. Pricing is in line with other providers, but I’d say the quality gives them the edge.

Fortunately for us, our playroom is heavily dominated by black gloss units and shelves – much of which was inherited from it’s pre-children use as a home cinema, so these match the room perfectly. However, I’d like to see more frame options in the future. They would clash horribly with our antique pine furniture in the lounge, for example. That said, at the time of writing, Snapbox is new – so I’m sure the options will be extended over time.

Highly recommended!

I received the Snapbox Canvas for the purpose of this unbiased review, however all words and opinions are my own.


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