I was recently sent two Lindam Xtra Guard Energy Absorbing Door Cushions to review.

The Door Stopper is designed to prevent trapped fingers – something we have seen a lot of in our house. Sam is always slamming doors, and his fingers have been caught a few times. He is an expert at pulling out normal door wedges, and heavy, floor based door stops don’t stop him for long.

The Lindam Xtra Guard Energy Absorbing Door Cushion is hard rubber, and it slips around the door, thus
making it impossible to shut the door, or trap fingers. We have put one
on the playroom door, and one on the kitchen door. They are brilliant!
Sam can’t reach them, as we put them high up the door, so his fingers
are safe!

It can be used as a door wedge too, and it will hang off certain door handles, when not in use. (It slipped off our handles, though). I love the fact it was easy to use and remove, I can pop it in my bag to take out with us, and it didn’t damage the paintwork on our doors.

All told, I really like the door cushion. The fact it has multi purposes makes it well worth the £2.99 RRP. The lowest price I found it available for tonight was £2.34 at Tesco

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the door cushions to review, but all words and opinions are my own.


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