I was recently sent a BabyBeau Bethany Changing Bag to review.
It is a luxurious patent leather tote bag, and certainly has the “wow” factor.
The Gold detailing makes it look a class above other changing bags.

The price tag is £199, and you certainly get amazing quality for your money. The Bethany is on the large side, measuring in at H: 40cm W: 43cm D: 14cm.

The bag has one feature which I think makes it perfect for working Mums. Inside the Black patent bag is a pop out baby organiser, which has several compartments to organise your baby’s items. This is perfect for leaving at nursery, thus leaving your bag suitable for work use. You also get a shoulder strap, imitation leather bottle holder, imitation leather changing mat, cosmetic pouch and leather key holder included with the bag.

I have been using the bag for a while now, and have found it gets a lot of attention when out and about. Plenty of Mummies have asked about it, so it’s perfect if you like getting lots of attention.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know I have 2 babies.
In all honesty, I thought the bag was too small to fit in everything I needed for 2 children.

This is what I usually carry in my changing bag:
3x size 2 nappies, 3x size 5 nappies, 1x wipes, 6x nappy sacks, nappy cream, 1x baby grow, 1x baby vest, 2x bottles, 1x sippy cup, 1x totseat, 1x snack, my purse, keys, mobile phone, 1x teether, 1x small calpol bottle, 2x spare dummies. I could get all of this into the Bethany, but I couldn’t fasten it. If I didn’t have the totseat in there, I would have been fine, though.

The bottle holder included with the bag doesn’t hold Tommee Tippee or Dr Browns bottles, so it wasn’t something I could use. Inside the Bethany, there aren’t any secure pockets to keep the bottles upright either, so I had to wedge them between other items and hope they didn’t tip over and leak. The same applied for Sam’s juice cup.

All in all, I like the Bethany bag. It is perfect for special occasions, as it definately has the wow factor. It is perfect size-wise if you have one child. If you are a working mum, it is ideal, as you can carry just one bag and remove the organiser to leave with your child at nursery. The shoulder strap is removable, which makes the bag even more versatile.

If I could change anything about the bag, I’d remove the bottle holder and cosmetics bag, and add some elasticated bottle pockets to ensure bottles remain upright when inside the bag. I love the pop out organiser, and the bag’s overall style. The quality is also amazing, and the attention to detail is excellent. You even get a cloth bag to keep the Bethany in when it’s not in use, so it doesn’t get damaged.

Overall, I give the Bethany 4/5, losing one point as my bottles did tip over several times due to the lack of secure storage. (Not an issue if you’re breast feeding, of course). I would recommend the bag to working Mums, or mums looking for a bag for a special occasion. I personally think it is a bit too amazing to be bashed around in soft play and play group Three times a week, so I’ll be saving mine for special occasions.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the bag for review purposes, but all thoughts and words are my own.

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