My Sleep Deprived Sunday Photo

I haven’t joined in with this linky in ages – Mostly because of having zero time. This week, Sam has been getting up ridiculously early though, so I have managed to find 15 minutes this morning to join in. 

My days have been starting at around 3am this week. This has left me feeling exhausted, and more than a little bit sorry for myself. I shared this photo on IG a couple of weeks ago, but it came to mind when I was feeling glum at daft O’Clock today….

I may be exhausted, feel (and look) like hell, but I should still appreciate EVERYTHING I have – especially my insomniac children! 

So today, I am propping my eyelids open with matchsticks, drinking coffee by the gallon, slapping on a smile and smelling the dandelions! (IF it stops raining…!!) 


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