I haven’t joined in with this linky in ages – Mostly because of having zero time. This week, Sam has been getting up ridiculously early though, so I have managed to find 15 minutes this morning to join in. So scroll on down for my Sleep Deprived Sunday photo!

My days have been starting at around 3am this week. This has left me feeling exhausted, and more than a little bit sorry for myself. I shared this photo on IG a couple of weeks ago, but it came to mind when I was feeling glum at daft O’Clock today….

Sleep Deprived Sunday Photo

stop and smell the dandelions... Sleep Deprived Sunday

I may be exhausted, feel (and look) like hell… But I should still appreciate EVERYTHING I have… Especially my insomniac children!

So today, I am propping my eyelids open with matchsticks, drinking coffee by the gallon, slapping on a smile and smelling the dandelions! (IF it stops raining…!!)

My Sunday Photo is a weekly linky which allows you to link up a photo you have taken that week. Firstly, it’s a great way to find other blogs to follow. Additionally, its a great way to get your own blog “out there”. I’ve discovered some of my favourite blogs by joining in with linkys, so definitely check it out.

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