A couple of years ago, we had a really bad leak from the En Suite toilet. It went down and ruined the lounge ceiling. The En-Suite floor was also ruined. Since then, we’ve basically pretended we didn’t have an en suite and used the main bathroom. The time has finally come to plan our budget En-suite redesign though, and I cannot wait!

Budget En-Suite Redesign

vanity unit - budget En-suite redesign

Now the kids are getting bigger, our second bathroom is definitely missed, and we are in the process of saving to get it refitted. I’ve been having a scout around for affordable options, as while style is important to me, the cost is definitely my biggest priority. All told, I am hoping to get the En Suite working again for under £500. So our budget En-suite redesign is definitely going to be tight!

Our En-Suite has a built in shower, toilet and vanity unit. We will need to buy a new shower tray for the shower. Aside from the floor tiles, the biggest expense will be the toilet and the sink area.

Budget En-suite redesign – Saving Space

Our En Suite isn’t big, so space saving is definitely high on the wish list too. With that in mind, I am thinking a unit like this one which is down to £99. I found it when I was browsing Vanity Units at Bathroom City. There’s plenty of space underneath to store loo roll etc, while keeping the bathroom looking sleek and clean – much to Hubby’s delight!

Colour Options

We have got kind of earthy creamy browny tiles in the en-suite at the moment. However, the floor tiles need to come up as the floorboards underneath need to be replaced. I’d be happy enough to keep the wall tiles we already have… If we can get them off around the floor, the old built in vanity unit and around the shower tray to replace those without breaking the existing wall tiles in the process. Worst case, I think we will have to steal a few from inside the shower unit and buy some different tiles for inside there. (We will probably go for white tiles, so the shower area itself is super easy to keep clean).

In an ideal world, the floor tiles will be reusable too, but I’m not banking on it. I’m assuming they’ll need replacing too. If that’s the case, I have got my eye on these beauties….

tiles - budget En-suite redesign


I love wood, so wood effect tiles appeal massively to me! I have already bought a new white toilet to replace the one which died a horrible death, so that’s one less expense. It cost me £99, so that’s £200 for the toilet and vanity. I’m down to £300 remaining for the flooring, shower tray, re-tiling wherever needed and paint. The tiles shown above are £13 a square metre, so I will need about 4 packs of those. The entire bathroom will need re-grouting too. I think it’ll be tight, but I’m determined to get it done as soon as possible! I’ll be sure to blog about the end result once it’s finished. Finally, if you enjoyed this post, check out my interiors category!

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