Our house is a pretty recent build. It’s 13 years old now, and our boiler has died a horrible death. We are about to have the kitchen cupboard it lives in ripped off so a new one can be installed. So we thought we might look at adding extra heating to our kitchen at the same time. I’ve posed this question on social media and asked friends in person too… “How do you heat your kitchen”?

About Our Kitchen

Our kitchen is a large room, and it used to have two radiators. Hubby thought it would be a good idea to remove one of them to make way for extra cupboard space back in 2009 when we had the kitchen refitted. FYI: This was a BIG MISTAKE! Our gas hob is frequently used to boil water, just to take the chill off the room.

heat your kitchen - with a pan

Our kitchen is lovely and cool in Summer, thanks to our North facing back garden getting no direct sunlight at all. It’s also FREEZING all Winter – and Spring and Autumn as well. We have had to use ugly electric heaters the past few years during particularly cold snaps, but they cost a fortune to run. and look awful sat on the kitchen table!

What’s The Plan?

We aren’t in a position to rip out the entire kitchen to fit under floor heating, as it’s just too expensive. There isn’t space to add another radiator without removing units, but we figured there must be something we could do. While doing research, I stumbled across Heated Bi-Fold Doors. The glass in these doors is electrically heated . The temperature is controlled by a thermostat. This allows you to adjust the temperature according to the current climate – up to 40c. These sound like the perfect solution for us. Our French Doors have definitely seen better days, and I prefer bi-fold doors over French Doors too.

heat your kitchen - with heated doors

We’d only need 1 folding door though – not a full wall like that pictured above. I think we’d probably go for a white finish too so it matched the rest of the house. The online quote came back at just over £4000, so these doors aren’t a cheap way to heat your kitchen. They’d be much cheaper to install than ripping out the units and flooring, installing underfloor heating and then fitting a new kitchen though – that’s for sure!

When’s It Happening?

It’s a shame we’re hoping to add an extension on the back of the property in the next 5 years. I would definitely be nagging hubby to get these installed, otherwise. It seems a bit of a waste though, knowing we will be removing them to make way for an open plan family room extension, asap. For now, a couple of plinth heaters will probably have to suffice. They won’t give off anywhere near as much heat, and will cost more to run. However, given the fact we will be ripping everything out within 5 years anyway, it probably makes sense for us to go for the cheapest option.

Hubby is gadget mad, and the idea of heated doors has really piqued his interest. I think he’d sooner go for these doors and put off changing the kitchen or adding an extension for as long as possible. Maybe he’s right…? It’s definitely given us food for thought. Have you got under floor heating or radiators? I’d love to know how you heat your kitchen.

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