Back in 2009, hubby and I ripped out our house and refitted it from the ground upwards. Every single room was redone – and the garden and attic as well. It was an enormous task, and it cost a fortune. We didn’t have kids (or dogs) back then, and I don’t think I’d ever take on such a refurbishment while living in the house now we do have them. Not unless it was for an enormous gain anyway. Perhaps becoming self sufficient, and being able to live “the good life” would be enough motivation for us to go through it all again… MAYBE!

What’s The Good Life?

We were talking last night about what we’d do if we won the lottery. Hubby is a really keen Allotmenteer now, and would love to “live the good life”, if he got the chance. This basically means living off the land, and being self sufficient. Hubby would love to have a farm with enough land for him to grow all of our fruit and veg, as well as have plenty of chickens to keep us in eggs. I’d have to draw the line at livestock though – we’re both Vegetarian, so we wouldn’t want to rear animals to eat. I can’t imagine either of us milking cows either, so we’d definitely still need a supermarket fairly close by.

What About The House?

We’d love to convert an old barn or farmhouse into our dream home… as long as we could keep our existing house while the work was going on. No way would I fancy living on a building site with 2 kids and 2 boxer dogs! We wouldn’t want a mansion – 3 bedrooms, a dining room, office, lounge and play room would be plenty for us. (And a bathroom of course)!

I absolutely love the idea of having a big, family kitchen. I can totally see me rockin’ a pinny and baking up a storm, while Hubby works the land. I don’t know what it is about Farm kitchens – they always look so warm and welcoming. Some can be a bit dark though, can’t they? I’d definitely have to look at putting in bifold doors so we could let the light pour into the space, and also look out onto the land. I have got visions of a huge Aga style cooker, and a huge farmhouse kitchen sink, like the one pictured below. I think I am definitely getting old now!

How Would You Maintain It?

I’m not totally unrealistic though – I know we’d need to make ends meet – IF we did ever manage to get our dream farmhouse and dream lifestyle… I’d love to set up one of the fields as a dog field and rent it out by the hour to local dog owners, and let rescue centres use it free of charge to assess, train and socialise dogs. We currently pay £15 to hire a field for 1 hour… Imagine how much money that land owner makes a week letting dogs run wild in his field! (He’s split 1 field into 3 separate areas, so he makes up to £45 per hour on 1 field)! 

What would your dream life involve? Are you more of a City lover, or do you dream of tropical beaches? The UK Countryside is definitely where my heart is. I’m not too fussy which county I live in though! 

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