This morning, while drawing houses with Syd, I asked her what her dream home will be like when she’s a grown up. This got me thinking to back when I was small. I remember being 6 and drawing houses with my grandad in his back garden. The drawings were always the same – my dream house looked much like my grandparents’ home.

My Dream Home As A Child…

There were some differences though. My own dream home would have a large, flower filled garden (like theirs), but I also wanted a big tree, which I could sit and read under in Summer. I also wanted a “room with a glass roof” so I could watch the stars. Of course, I know now that what I wanted was a conservatory. I also know now that they aren’t cheap. You can save some money by looking at diy conservatories, of course.

dream home

Something else I always wanted in my dream house was a dog. I’ve got that wish, times two! Somehow, my dream of having a well behaved dog who slept in front of the fire has become two bonkers boxer dogs, who rampage around the house and dig up the garden. They do snuggle up and keep my feet warm though, so it’s not all bad!

Rural or Urban?

As a child, I used to imagine living in a somewhat rural area. Where my Grandparents lived, the closest shop was a farm shop. We used to go there every morning for fresh eggs, when I stayed at my Grandparents’ house. I remember walking past the farm shop to go to the newsagents on a Sunday morning, and the farmer’s Mum (who ran the shop) would have my Nanna’s bacon, eggs and bread all wrapped up for us to collect on the way back. The farm shop is still there, and I used to drive over there especially to get our potatoes from them – until we started growing our own. Somehow walking to Tesco Express isn’t nearly as satisfying.

dream home

We’ve been taking for a while now about getting some chickens for our allotment – I think being able to have freshly laid eggs every day would definitely tick off one of my dream home bucket list items!

Fire it up!

Getting back to my dream home as a child, there was ALWAYS a coal fire in my “dream house”. (Not wood). I have always been fascinated with “the olden days” and loved hearing my Grandparents stories about bringing in buckets of coal for the fire, and waiting for the coal man to come round when they ran out. Somehow, a coal fire seemed important to me back then. Now, of course, I definitely don’t want a coal fire. I’m not even sure my conscience would let me have a wood burning stove. Unnecessarily adding carbon monoxide to our struggling planet seems wrong. I’d probably opt for a really realistic electric fire, in the end. Less work, less mess, less impact on the planet but still as pretty to look at and relax in front of.

Bath Time!

Something else I always wanted which has never gone away is a big, roll top bath. I don’t know where I got this idea from – my grandparents definitely didn’t have one. Somehow, a roll top bath with claw feet just always seemed so decadent.

What do you remember imagining your house would be like? Was there a white picket fence? A walk – in wardrobe? I’d love to know. You can find more of my home and interiors posts here.


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