Our home is a 3 storey town house, so it has plenty of stairs already. Having a loft conversion would mean adding a 3rd flight of stairs. The thought of adding a 4th storey at the top is definitely not for the faint hearted – that’s for sure! We are all pretty fit, and we don’t have much land to extend onto so, “The only way is up” – as the song says.

Our home layout at the moment consists of:

Ground Floor: Our Bedroom (which literally has a king size bed in it – nothing else). Kitchen / Dining Room and Downstairs toilet.

First Floor: Lounge and Office (Technically, this is the 2nd largest bedroom in the house, but it’s been kitted out with a built in office since 2009).

Second Floor: Main Bathroom, Smallest Bedroom, Master Bedroom with En-Suite shower room. (Which is currently our son’s bedroom). He has Autism and needs the space for a king size bed, as I end up in his room with him most nights).

loft conversion plan

The older the kids get, the more of a problem us being on the ground floor is becoming. For a start, we can’t really hear anything if there’s a problem. Secondly, our room is so small, we have to keep our clothes in the kids’ bedrooms. I refuse to let either of the children sleep on the ground floor as I just don’t think it’s safe.

What’s My Loft Conversion Plan?

With that in mind, I have been considering having a loft conversion to add another 2 bedrooms. My thinking is it could be half for Sam and half for Syd, because we’d lose most of her existing bedroom adding in a staircase. This would then free the “Master Bedroom” back up for us to have it again. We’d also then have spare room on the ground floor. We could add a spare bedroom, or some kind of play room – come study type space for the kids.

When it comes to converting our loft, I’d love to go for a small aluminium lantern roof in each room, to let the light pour into the spaces. I can imagine lying underneath a lantern roof with Sam, watching the stars in the sky for hours. (He’s not much of a fan of sleeping, and knowing how much he loves all things space and outdoors, I suspect this would quickly become his favourite nocturnal hobby). 

Unfortunately, due to the fact we are a town house, we have to keep the roof angle as it is. That would probably mean we’d have to go for a flat sky light, to allow light in. There’s enough height in the loft space already, so we wouldn’t necessarily need to add particularly large dormers to allow head room, so options like those pictured below would work in theory.

loft conversion plan

When Will It Happen?

Realistically, I can’t see this loft conversion ever happening, as the expense involved would be eye watering, thanks to our home’s location. We have no rear access to our garden, and no front garden at all. We’d have to get cranes lifted over the school fence the rear of our property backs onto. I suspect it would be cheaper to move, that’s for sure. It doesn’t stop me dreaming though. I’ve definitely been doing a lot of that lately.

Have you converted your attic into a bedroom? I’d love to know your experiences and hear your ideas. You can check out more of my home and interior blog posts here.


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