I’ve been blogging here for over 7 years now, and during my time as a parent blogger, I have worked with the lovely Mandi on plenty of blog collaborations. When she mentioned Blogtober, I knew I had to get involved.

What’s Blogtober?

The idea is simple – you follow her prompts and publish a blog post every day throughout October. It will help me write about new topics, reach new readers and find new blogs to read myself. As it’s day 1, I am going to share the list of prompts before I start – in case you want to join in…..

A Year On…

I opted for “A year on” as I have been blogging for so long, pretty much all of my life is documented here already. This time last year, we had been Boxer pup owners for almost 2 months, and were about to take on another one….

Monty looked like this…

blogtober - one year ago

He had just mastered toilet training, and the kids both loved him. He was the perfect pupper… Minnie was still called “Purple pup” and was being hand reared by the amazing team at Joey’s Legacy Boxer Rescue. She was looking like this…

blogtober - one year ago

Minnie came to live with us on 9th October, so it’s not *quite* been a year yet, but this is how the gruesome twosome are looking now…

blogtober - one year on

How’s The Year Been?

Monty is very much a needy boy. He loves his kisses and cuddles, and hates to be left alone, even for a second. He barks the second he can’t see you, so you can’t go far without him. Minnie has been nicknamed “Minnie the Minx” because…. she is a terror. If it isn’t nailed down, she will chew it to pieces and destroy it the second your back is turned. If it is nailed down, she will still chew it to pieces, given half the chance.

She is definitely a diva pup, and isn’t one for behaving herself. She is also skilled in door opening, so no room is safe from her shenanigans. Seriously – I go through more toothbrushes than anyone I know. (we’ve had 9 new ones his past week, between the 4 of us). She also loves to eat tissues, and doesn’t care if they are in plastic wrappers, boxes or up your sleeve, covered in snot. She’s not fussy.

Friendly Advice:

If anyone is considering getting a second dog, let me give you some friendly advice… “DON’T DO IT”!

Minnie is amazing in so many ways, and of course we wouldn’t be without her now, but WOW! the dogs are rarely quiet and frequently trash the house, rampaging around, playing. It’s not all bad of course. Minnie is amazing with my son, Sam in particular. She is a total mother hen, and guards him like he’s her baby when we go out….


So yes – as years go, it’s been a chaotic one. Full of love, slobber and puppy shenanigans! If you want to see more of Monty and Minnie’s adventures, check out their Facebook Page. I share most of their naughtiness over there.

That’s it for today’s Blogtober post. Come back tomorrow to find out what I have to say about boobs, or check out the rest of my Blogtober posts here…!


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