12 Month Injection Hell

I know no parent likes to see their baby upset. No parent I know has ever said that injection day is pleasant, either. Today, I – MotherGeek am stating – for the record – that seeing my baby have his 12 month injections was the worst thing I have ever witnessed. (And I watched my Dad die).

I know they are going to protect him from all sorts of horrible nasties, and it is in his best interests to have them. But seriously – do the damn needles need to be so thick? They were like darning needles!

Sam was asleep by the time we got into the room. The nurse gripping his leg once we’d undressed him woke him up with a fright, and he screamed and cried, and tried in vain to break free from her vice-like grip. Then she plunged in the needle. He wailed, he cried full on tears, he sobbed and he looked at me like I was the meanest mummy in the world.

Me? I cried too. I sobbed and I let out real tears. DaddyGeek was with us too, though I was holding Sam. DaddyGeek looked horrified. I’m not sure if it was seeing his baby so upset, or seeing his wife making such an idiot of herself, but either way, DaddyGeek looked stressed.

Now remember, your baby has 3 injections at 12 months, so we went through the above steps 3 times. Once all 3 injections were done, it took Sam a couple of minutes to calm down and stop crying. Lots of cuddles later, he was fine. Sam had his injections 5 hours ago, and seems 100% back to normal now. I
have been warned he may get poorly in 10-12 days time – right on
Robyn’s due date. Lovely.

Me? I cried for a good 5 minutes longer than Sam did, and I am still a bit traumatised about it all. If I weren’t 38 weeks pregnant, I’d have reached for the Vino. I’d love to say thank god there are no more until he is 3.5, but I will be back at the surgery in 2-3 months’ time with Robyn to start the process all over again. *sigh*

I hope any Mums reading this are able to prepare themselves for the inevitable. Buy Vino, Chocolate, Cake and Ice Cream in advance – if you’re anything like me, you’ll be needing it when you get back from your 12 month old’s injections!


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