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DaddyGeek has wanted to get an allotment for ages. Council ones are like gold dust around here, so it looked like he was in for a long wait. When we heard that Bents Garden Centre were creating allotments, he registered his interest; and earlier this month, he paid his deposit.

Mother’s Day saw him gaining access to his plot of land. He was sensible, though and waited until Monday before heading down there. Bents Allotments is one large, open plan area, and the allotment plots are separated by paths. This is our plot….

The good thing about it being a new development is the fact we don’t have a ton of overgrown plants and weeds to deal with. (I say we, but this is very much DaddyGeek’s baby). I am only in it for the veggies he’s hoping to grow – and the coffee and cake available over the road in the cafe!

He keeps changing his plans, but the last time I checked, he’s planning on having rows of 1m and 2m raised beds, with small paths running in between. Hubby has Rheumatoid Arthritis, so he is keen to try to keep things as tidy and organised as possible, to hopefully keep maintenance to a minimum. He plans to rotate the crops annually too. Initially, he’s planting lots of potatoes, but I don’t think he’s finalised the rest of his plans yet, as he won’t have a greenhouse until May, so he’s a bit limited as to what he can grow from seed in time for this year’s crops.

DaddyGeek, Sam and I headed down there yesterday afternoon. Sam got stuck right in…

I promise he was much happier than he looks in this photo! Sam spent about 10 seconds “digging” before deciding that running up and down the paths was much more entertaining! He was really smiley throughout though, and did have a brief play in the mud as well. Hubby and I started to dig the first row, ready for his raised beds to go in.

Today, we took both kids along, and it was much boggier. Both Syd and I fell over in the mud. It was like quicksand! I felt my boot being sucked from my foot and there was nothing I could do! I managed to get it out in the end, but my poor red welly was a lovely grey clay colour upon retrieval!

Sydney had great fun digging…

She refused to remove her sunglasses, despite it looking ready to bucket down any minute! We found a worm, and I proceeded to tell her how they’ll help hers and Daddy’s plants to grow big and strong. (I suspect she will be down there, pottering around more than I am). Syd was fascinated about Mr Worm and has talked about him none stop all afternoon and evening.

DaddyGeek isn’t really into creepy crawlies, so I suspect he will be in charge of teaching the kids about cultivating the crops, while I teach them about all the wildlife we find on our plot.

Sam got grumpy at this point, so I made the executive decision to take him over to the Garden Centre. We did some playing and exploring in the store, while Syd and hubby carried on digging over the first row. While we were gone, Syd found another worm, picked him up and then proceeded to scream and drop him when he wriggled. I think I’ll have to try harder to make sure she’s not afraid of bugs and such like.

The final photo from today was how Syd looked when Sam and I got back to the plot. It looked like she had face-planted into the mud.

Syd was filthy from head to toe, and I loved it! Sam is so terrified of mess that it’s a real treat for me to have a muddy child to clean up. I’m sure I’ll regret saying that soon enough, though! Sydney says she loves digging and is going to help Daddy lots.

Stay tuned for lots more Allotment updates over the coming Months and (hopefully) Years…!! I’ve been sharing images on instagram using #BentsAllotment too. 

This is not a sponsored post. Just sharing our Allotment Adventures. 

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