Our house was built in 2005, and every house on our row has the same windows and front doors. Several of our neighbours have recently upgraded theirs, and I am loving the different styles available. I said to Hubby last night you know you’re a grown up when you’re considering asking Santa for replacement windows and doors for Christmas!

Considering Replacement Windows and Doors

I have to be honest, I’m not a fan of these new dark frames which seem to have become fashionable. It’ll definitely be white for us. One of our neighbours has just got some Georgian Windows fitted – They are stunning!

Replacement Windows

Our home is a 3 storey, mews style house. We have narrow windows in most rooms on the front of the house, and then a larger style on the rear of the property. All of our current windows only open fully from the side – life with two dogs and an Autistic child means it’s almost impossible to safely leave these open. With that in mind, We’d definitely opt for a style which offered top opening windows as well. (Like the Georgian style above does).

Composite Door:

Our front door lets no light in, so our hallway is really dark. I definitely want a new composite door which lets in more light. I googled Composite Front Doors Liverpool and was pleasantly surprised by the up to 30% off deal which is available right now. One similar to the door pictured below is top of my wish list. But without the side panel, and probably in white or red.

Double Vs Triple Glazing:

Triple Glazing is better at keeping heat inside your property than double glazing is. If you live in a cold area, or right in the path of some scary winds, it’s definitely worth opting to pay got triple glazing.

Most people assume that triple glazing is better at keeping noise out. This isn’t always the case. Triple glazing only offers additional noise filtration if the panes of glass are different thicknesses. A Double glazed window which has thick panes of glass can out perform some triple glazed windows. I’d always check the noise filtration specifics if this is a big factor in your decision making.

Triple glazed windows offer an extra layer of security in that it’s harder for any would be thieves to cut the glass. All window frames tend to offer the same level of security on hinges and frames, but do check the keys aren’t standard issue. It’s so much more secure if each key is unique to your window.

Tilt And Turn Windows:

I mentioned earlier that standard opening side windows aren’t a great option for us. Something I am willing to consider though is tilt and turn windows…

replacement windows

These seem to offer the best of both worlds… Living in a 3 storey home makes cleaning the outside of our windows a real pain. We don’t have rear access to our property, so the window cleaner has to carry all of his gear right through the house to clean out the back. Tilt and Turn windows open inwards, which means I’d be able to clean them myself – hooray! They also tilt inwards (like on the above photo), so I could let in some fresh air without the dogs escaping or the kids trying to hang out of the windows.

Other Things To Consider:

I think it’s so important to make sure replacement windows are both stylish AND energy efficient. Double (or even Triple) glazing is definitely the way to go!

Make sure your replacement windows offer top rate security. The last thing you want is for your chosen frames to be easy to break into.

Set a budget and then shop around to see what the cost of your replacement windows is likely to be. Most manufacturers will offer a free, no obligation quote. If you measure all of your windows, you can usually get the quote online too. I recently got a quote from Salford Double Glazing – they were very competitive!

I think we’ll be saving for another couple of years before we can replace our windows, but at least now I know which style I want, once we have got the funds together.

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