Syd is 6 now, and as with most 6 year olds, she has way too many toys. She also has the smallest bedroom in the house. This has made us get creative when it comes to storage. I thought I’d share some boxroom space saving ideas today, in the hope of inspiring you to maximise space, too.

Boxroom Space Saving Ideas

As a child, I always had to share my bedroom with 2 of my sisters. The only space we had in our bedroom was under our beds, on top of the wardrobe and on or under the desk. I had the top bunk, so we only had 2 beds to put things under, too. When I was 13, my older two sisters moved out, and I FINALLY got my own bedroom. Granted, it was the boxroom, but I didn’t care… It was all mine! I had tons of ideas for that bedroom, but none of them came to fruition. It gave me a good starting point for planning Syd’s bedroom, though. I had boxroom space saving ideas, galore!

Measure Your Space

The first thing I did when planning Syd’s new room layout was measure the space available. It may sound obvious, but a lot of people (including my husband) don’t do it correctly. You need to make sure you measure at floor level. This means you won’t accidentally forget to account for the skirting board widths.

I drew a rough sketch of her bedroom on graph paper, and included plug sockets and the radiator, as well as the window and door. This gave me a clear visual of the space available to us.

Consider Your Storage Needs

Like most young children, Syd has a lot of small collectible “bits and bobs”, plus tons of books. We addressed this a couple of years ago when we added 2 of these 9 square Oak effect storage units along one wall, and a different style which had doors instead of drawers….

boxroom space saving ideas - storage cubes

The drawers allow Syd to store all of her bits and bobs out of the way, while the shelves provide enough space for her to store all of her books. (We have put 9 drawers inside one of the units, then left the other with no drawers for all of her books to be clearly displayed). The one with doors has 5 doors in the place where the drawers are pictured above.

Some of the drawers are used for clothes storage. (The kids’ underwear, nightwear, swimwear and things which are out of season go in the drawers). Syd’s TV is wall mounted above one of these units. The wall mount means valuable shelf space isn’t taken up my the TV. When it comes to boxroom space saving ideas, a wall mounted TV is one of the best (and cheapest) things you can do.

Wardrobe Space

Syd has a single wardrobe in her bedroom. To maximise space in there, we added a second clothes rail. This works well for kids clothes, and it gives double the hanging space! The second rail cost under £4 from B&Q – Definitely a worthwhile investment for any child’s wardrobe! It was another of my favourite cheap and easy boxroom space saving ideas!

On top of the wardrobe, we stack all of the kids’ board games, then hide them from sight with teddies at the front. This stops her room looking so cluttered.

Floor Space

Even with all of the moderations outlined above, Syd still only had a 2 foot wide gap running from her door to her window to play in and store extra toys. This left me with only one option… A High Sleeper bed! I’m a stickler for safety, and waited until Syd was 6 before getting her one. It arrived last week, and she is thrilled with it!

boxroom space saving ideas - 6 year old Sydney stood on the ladder of her new cabin bed, looking very excited.

I am waiting on new curtains arriving, which will replace the ugly curtain pictured. (We had to take off the tie back hook to stop Syd hurting herself on it. Meanwhile Syd being Syd keeps using the bracelet pictured to hold her curtain open). 

High Sleeper Bed

As you can see, adding the High Sleeper has freed up a LOT of space in Syd’s bedroom. We went for the Mia bed from Argos, which had 20% off in December. Before we added the high sleeper bed, all of Syd’s Sylvanians were piled up in Sam’s bedroom as Syd’s room simply didn’t have space for them. Her Our Generation camper van (shown under the ponies) was stuck up on top of the shelves, so rarely played with.

We snuck a red ottoman we already had under the bed too, this provides both additional storage space for her clutter, plus somewhere to sit. If you’ve got more than one child or have frequent sleepovers, this post on different types of bunkbeds is well worth a read.

My Thoughts

Syd’s room is by no means “Insta perfect”, but it works. I’m sure the layout won’t win any design awards, but it may just save your sanity if you struggle for space like we do.

Let me know in the comments if you have any boxroom space saving ideas of your own – I’d love to hear them!

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