Don’t Vote For Me In The MADS

The MADS (Mum And Dads Blog awards) is a celebration of British Parent Bloggers.
Nominations opened last week, and I wanted to let you know not to vote for me in the categories outlined below.
“WHY NOT” I hear you gasp…. because…. erm….. you’ll be wasting your vote!

MAD blogger of the year (I think Multiple Mummy’s name is ALL OVER this one)!
Best blog writer (I can’t win this – I write nothing but woe is me drivel for the most part)!
Best family travel blog, (You need to travel to win this, right)?
Best new blog, (my blog’s so old it has wrinkles).
family life blog
, (I’m not sure night feeds, nappy changes, playgroup and soft play really count as a life)!
Best craft blog, (The most craft I have done this year is make a play doh snail)/
Best food blog, (Quorn Veggie burger, anyone)?
Most innovative
, (Hubby would love me to win this, as Typedock is pretty darn innovative. But I reckon there are other deserving winners).
Best MAD blog for family fun, (Two non-walking/talking babies…. we don’t have much fun – YET)!
Best fashion and beauty blog, (I’m not sure baggy maternity clothes and baby sick count as fashion or beauty).
thrifty blog
, (Erm… No explanation needed. Thrifty is NOT my middle name)! *I don’t actually have a middle name.
Best school days blog, (Two under Two = not applicable)!
Most entertaining blog, (Ok ok, I am sure some of my blog posts are a little entertaining. If you’re into failed breast feeding, spewy babies or product reviews. Hmm. Perhaps not).
Best Blog
. (I don’t think my iPhone snaps count as photography, let alone the best)!

Personally, I don’t for one second think I stand a cat in hell’s chance
of being shortlisted, as there is some seriously amazing blog talent out
there. But if you think I am worthy of a nomination, it would make my day week month YEAR if you nominated me in either the Best Baby Blog or Best Pregnancy Blog categories.

am probably best suited to either the best pregnancy blog (Remember my Bumpwatch photos? Or maybe my blog posts about preparing for breast feeding the 2nd time round spring to mind? My plans for beautifying before Syd’s birth were pretty epic too… Except she arrived a week early & pee’d on that plan!

The best baby
blog is the only other category I *might* fit into – you know… if you want to vote for me! (Remember those
early days when I was struggling with two teeny bambinos, breast feeding, colic, sleep
deprivation AND a reflux newborn? Or more recently, trying to juggle Sydney’s allergies and Sam’s delayed development). Flaming Nora, how have I not been sectioned already? Reading that back, I am amazed I still know my own name!

Next year, I may have to bribe the MADS judges to introduce a category for “Best Kids’ Nicknames” – I reckon my “Batman & Robyn” could give “Flea” a run for her money hehe!!

In the meantime, you
can nominate me in any of the 2013 categories you like. Or none. I promise not to
pout, flood your timeline or kill any bunnies if you don’t vote for me, though.

I have been mulling over who I am going to nominate for days now. I still haven’t finalised my shortlist.
are so many amazing blogs out there. It is making my head hurt. Some of
them are really obvious to me. Others are giving me a headache. I hope you’re having more luck than I am choosing your favourites!


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