I’m sharing a series of guest posts from bloggers, in the run up to Christmas. Today’s guest post was written by Sarah from HaliaRose.co.uk. Sarah’s sharing her Tropical Christmas traditions, which feature a heavy influence from her time living in Singapore. Let’s find out what her Christmas traditions involve.….

When did your Tropical Christmas traditions start?

After living in the Tropics for 7 years, where both of my young children were born, our Christmases have taken on a slightly different form… With a mix of hot and cold temperatures, our food choices have evolved. Now back in the UK, we have combined our favourite mix of Asia and the UK to create our own Tropical Christmas traditions.

Tropical Christmas

What’s involved?

Being in the tropics, Christmas was very different . Celebrating in the hot, humid weather meant that our Christmases were a little different to our prior English traditions. However we wanted to experience a mix of both cultures, so every year a fortnight or so before Christmas, we’d take a walk down Orchard Road (Singapore’s equivalent to Oxford Street). We’d have a hot chocolate in hand, as we took in the Christmas lights, and got in the festive mood.

Now we’re back in the UK, we do the same. Whether it’s in London or our local town, there is something magical about seeing the festive lights shining in the sky.

Tree decorations also became meaningful. Not only do we spend time creating decorations with the children for them to hang, but we’d also search out local and traditional tree decorations. Now it’s become a trip down memory lane when we decorate our Christmas tree, which is a lovely family time where we share stories of places we’ve been and things we’ve done together.

Tropical Christmas

Who takes part?

The whole family, especially now the children are a bit older. I love hearing their memories, and how they remember certain experiences.

What do you love about them?

We much prefer creating memories as a family, rather than having material presents. It gives us something to share together, and talk about for years to come.

Would you like to add any other traditions this year?

As the children get older, we are creating our own traditions… Chinese New Year is so close to Christmas, and as it was a big part of our lives for so many years.

Tropical Christmas

We also celebrate this by hanging decorations at home. It extends the Christmas fun, and as it’s one of my son’s fondest memories from living in Singapore, it’s important that we keep these things alive for the children.

This year was our first Chinese New Year living back in England. We visited the big New Year celebrations in London with the lion dances, music and traditional festive foods… Plus we loved seeing a taste of Asia again!

A Word From MotherGeek…

I love that you guys plan on mixing both traditional and Tropical Christmas traditions. I think extending celebrations right through to Chinese New Year is a brilliant idea too!

Thank you for sharing your family Christmas traditions with my readers, Sarah!

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Finally… (This is not a paid post -I’m  just hoping to spread a little festive cheer).


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