Harvester Hell

My sister took me out last night for my birthday. We went to Harvester in the Manchester Printworks before heading to the cinema to see twilight.

I decided to post my harvester experience here to make you aware of the service you can expect….

We arrived at 18.55, and despite there being at least 6 tables which were set up & free, we were made to wait 20 minutes in the bar area.

When seated, the man seating us gave us our waitress’ name, and said she would be with us shortly.

After waiting almost 10 minutes with no service, we asked the man who seated us what was going on & he took our food orders & told us to help ourselves to free salad. (which was very nice).

The waiting staff don’t appear to take drink orders either – we had to leave the table to go to the bar each time we needed a refill. We paid for drinks at the bar, not on our bill.

I’m not sure if this is how it is supposed to be done or not, but we could never get anyone’s attention to order more drinks. There did not appear to be a shortage of waiting staff either. There were approximately 5 staff to around 25 tables (5 of which were empty).

30 minutes after our food order was taken, a young man was pointed to our table by a waitress & he gave us our food (a veggie burger with fries & relish and a bacon & cheese burger with fries and relish).

There was no steam coming from either of the plates. Some of the chips were soggy as though they had been sat there for ages, and others were still hard in the middle – obviously undercooked. The veggie burger was totally cold – room temperature would be the only way to describe it. I am told the bacon & cheese burger was luke warm but not piping hot as though it is cooked to order.

We tried in vain to get the staff’s attention, but after 10 minutes of being ignored, we ate what we could & asked for the bill.
This was the first time our waitress approached us. She asked was the
food ok & we told her no, it was cold. She asked why we hadn’t returned it & we said we couldn’t get the attention of any staff to
do so.

She apologised & said she would knock one of the meals off our bill. She also said (and I quote): “I’ll tell the kitchen and the manager the food was cold again, sorry you had such a poor experience”.

There was absolutely no empathy or surprise shown at any point, which leads me to believe our complaint is a common one.

I for one was completely dissatisfied with my visit and feel their advert paints a completely different picture of their restaurants than what they are like in reality. I for one will not be visiting again.

I posted on twitter this morning about our experience and 4 other followers said they had had similar experiences in other Harvester restaurants too.

What about you? Hopefully there’s someone out there who has had a positive experience in Harvester?!

*I emailed Harvester to complain & the manager called me back to tell me they were re-training their staff & to offer me a £10 voucher to use in the new year once the re-training is complete*

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