As part of my role as a Graco Ambassador, I am sent products to test for them.
My most recent item was the Graco Duo Diner Highchair.

Before we received this, we were using a wooden, straight backed highchair, which cost us almost £70. It looked pretty, but Sam HATED sitting in it. I was keen to see if he would prefer the Duo Diner Highchair.

The Duo Diner requires some minimal assembly when you unbox it, but I managed this by myself easily enough. I love the fact it has 4 different height settings. We don’t have a traditional table, it is more of a kitchen island, so is taller than usual. The Duo Diner Highchair came much closer to our island’s height than the old highchair when it was on the highest setting. Sam could see us over the top, but was still a touch too low to eat from our table.

The Duo Diner can also be folded, and leant against a wall or put into a cupboard. We don’t bother doing this, though as it just pushes under our kitchen island easily, when lowered.

Sam happily eats from the Graco Duo Diner Highchair, and the tray is extra large – perfect for baby lead weaning. The only thing I would change about the seat unit is the straps themselves. Sam is a very tall child, and the shoulder straps are already at their maximum length, and through the highest hole. If Sam gets much taller, he won’t be able to use the shoulder straps.

I love the fact the seat unit has the 3 position recline – it means that when Sam falls asleep in his highchair, I can lie him back for a half
decent nap. (The image below is the least reclined position).

As of yet, I haven’t tried using the seat unit independently – it will fasten onto a dining chair to use as a booster seat, but we have stools, so it doesn’t work with those. It’s a good feature for getting children used to sitting at standard tables, though.

The Tray on the Duo Diner Highchair is HUGE. It is perfect for baby lead weaning, and the removable layer is genius. It makes cleaning it much easier. The top layer has grooves to separate areas of the tray for different items, while the section underneath is smooth, and perfect for messy play!!

The entire thing is easy to clean. The seats wipe down, the straps Seem to repel stains (Either that, or I just have a clean toddler)!

All in all I really like the Graco Duo Diner Highchair. Shop around before you buy though, as they are available for less than the RRP of £129.99. The only other thing I would change about the Duo Diner Highchair is the wheels. While it is good being able to move the highchair so freely, it is annoying that Sam can put his foot on my chair or the table and whizz off, away from me and his food. I have got around this by moving his highchair to the wall side of our seating area, so he can’t get too far away.

I would rate the Duo Diner Highchair as 4/5 and would recommend it.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the Duo Diner Highchair to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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