Andy’s Dinosaur Adventure

Back in August, I was lucky enough to visit CBeebies HQ and see the CBeebies playtime app before it was launched. I blogged about it shortly afterwards. The app is free, and it has been updated since then – It now has even more great games, all designed to help child development. Kids can play with Nina and the Neurons, The Octonauts, Tree Fu Tom, Mr Tumble, Alphablocks and Make a Picture – Swashbuckle stylee.

This week, the app has been updated again – it now includes Andy’s Dinosaur Adventure! This is the new show which starts on Monday 17th February at 4.30pm. In this new series, Andy works in a museum. He has to travel back in time and come face to face with real dinosaurs, to fix his mistakes and make sure the exhibitions can open on time. 

Getting back to the app… It allows children to join Andy on a dinosaur adventure. They can take care of their very own dinosaur, teach it to ROAR, personalise it by changing its colour, find out what it likes to eat, help Andy feed it, or take its photograph.

Kids can even ride on their very own dinosaur. By moving your device around, you can take photographs of other dinosaurs you see as you go along. Andy takes these back to his friend Hatty at the Museum. The game also allows you to use Andy’s ‘Gizmo’ to learn interesting things about dinosaurs. You learn things like how big they were and how much they weighed.

We’ve been playing with the app this week, and both Sam (32 months) and Syd (19 months) have enjoyed it. Syd spends ages saying “din-sor… rrrrroar” and “iya din-xor” as she waves hello to the dinosaurs she passes when riding on hers. Sam enjoys feeding the dinosaurs different foods and laughing at their reactions to them. (If you feed a carnivorous one leaves, it isn’t too happy)!

The game is very informative – I’m 30 and have learnt the names of loads of dinosaurs this week, already! In all honesty, my two are a little young yet to fully enjoy the Andy’s Dinosaur Adventure part of the app. I’d say children aged 4+ will probably get the most from this new addition to the Playtime app.

The CBeebies Playtime app works well on our iPad mini and my iPhone 5s. The app did freeze a few times when I updated it, but a reboot sorted out the glitch. CBeebies Playtime is by far the best free children’s app I’ve played, and I’d highly recommend it for anyone with children who are CBeebies fans!

To find out more about the app, or to download it free of charge, check out the CBeebies website!

This is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share our thoughts.

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