Unless you’ve been living in a bubble for the past week, you’re probably well aware that it was Shrove Tuesday this week. Shrove Tuesday (or Pancake Day as it it often called) is one of my favourite foodie days of the year. Not for religious reasons – just because I love making (and eating) pancakes!

When Warburtons got in touch, asking if I’d like to try a selection of their pancakes, I was more than a little excited. They arrived on Tuesday morning, so we “HAD” to have Pancakes for lunch(!) Syd is allergic to dairy and soya, so she wasn’t able to try any of them, unfortunately. That left just myself, hubby and 2.5 year old Sam to munch our way through these beauties.

As a child, we ate a LOT of these type of pancakes. They were called Scotch Pancakes back then. I used to love them with a bit of butter on. YUM!&

Getting back to Tuesday… We received 3 packs of Chocolate Chip, 2 packs of Cookie and 1 pack of Golden Syrup. All 3 varieties are suitable for home freezing, so we left one pack of each variety out, and froze the rest. They are all Veggie friendly, too.

GOLDEN SYRUP: These reminded me of the Scotch Pancakes I had as a child. I preferred them with a little butter on them, and I preferred them cold. Hubby preferred them plain and cold. He really liked these. Sam wasn’t too keen on this variety.

CHOCOLATE CHIP: These are a really tasty snack on their own, but very more-ish. They are amazing warmed up (30 seconds in the toaster) served with ice cream. I would definitely buy these again. Hubby’s opinion was: “It was a bit dry”. I have to disagree with him, though! Sam is really fussy with food, but has munched away at these happily.

COOKIE: I really enjoyed these ones. They were a good balance between the two other types – moist enough to not need a topping, not so sweet that you immediately wanted another afterwards. These were my favourite. Hubby thought these ones were a bit on the dry side, and said he’d have liked more cookie in them. Sam practically inhaled these – I suspect I will be buying these and the chocolate ones regularly.

I have spotted them in Supermarkets since Tuesday, and they were priced between 75p – £1 per pack. I would definitely buy them regularly at 75p a pack, as there aren’t many foods Sam eats quite so enthusiastically.

Warburtons sent us some rather interesting topping ideas for the pancakes, but the most exciting we got was either with a bit of margarine or with icecream. The Golden Syrup ones would be amazing served warm, with some warmed blueberries, though. That would be a really quick and tasty Mother’s Day breakfast. (I might have to buy some in, and leave hubby some instructions)!

We have defrosted and eaten some of the frozen ones now, and they tasted just as good after 72 hours in the freezer. I definitely recommend them. Two thumbs us from the Geeks. I got a bit too carried away with actually eating the pancakes and forgot to take individual photos – This is why I shouldn’t be allowed to review food…!!

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