As part of my role as a Britax Mumbassador, I am occasionally sent products to review. I was recently sent a Britax Advansafix car seat, and can’t wait to share my opinions with you. Read on to check out our Britax Advansafix Car Seat Review and to see how we got uninstalling it.

Britax Advansafix Car Seat Review

First, here’s some info about the car seat…

It is a stage 1-2-3 car seat, which means it is suitable for children aged from around 9 Months (9kg+) until they are around 12 years old (36kg).

The 5 point harness is usable until your child weighs around 25kg. (They may grow out of it sooner, if they are tall).

Once the 5 point harness won’t fasten, the Advansafix can be used with the car’s seatbelt instead.

Securing It In Your Vehicle

The car seat must be installed with Isofix AND the seat belt. It also features Britax’s patented Top Tether system, which stope the carseat from moving forwards in an impact. This threads behind your vehicle’s head rest and clips onto the rear of the vehicle seat. (I explained this in greater detail in my Trifix Review – viewable HERE).

We installed the seat using Isofix and Top Tether. It barely moves when you jiggle it, and it took less than 5 minutes to remove the stage 1 Britax Trifix and install the Advansafix in its’ place. This video shares some of the important information with you…

Forward Facing VS Rear Facing

Before I go on, I do want to mention a couple of VERY IMPORTANT things… Firstly, Rear facing car seats are proven to be safer for young children, so you should keep them rear facing for as long as possible. Both of my two hated being rear facing, and I felt there was more risk of us having an accident and them being injured if they were constantly screaming in their rear facing seats, compared to them being happy in forward facing seats, and me being able to concentrate 100% on the road.

Secondly, I want to point out that wearing thick coats when in a car seat is dangerous. The harness won’t fasten tightly enough on your child’s body, and this means they could be seriously injured in the event of a collision. I put cardigans on Sam and Syd when we go in the car, and give them blankets once they are strapped in if it’s a very cold day. (The heating takes a few minutes to kick in in our car).

How We Got On

Sam is 3.5 years old. He is very tall for his age, weighs around 19kg and is well over 1 metre tall. The 5 point harness fits him. Although I’d say he will be too tall for it long before his 5th birthday. (It is suitable for children up to 25kg OR 115cm).

The head rest and straps adjust easily, using just one hand. The Advansafix retails at £220. Once your child is too tall to use the 5 point harness, you can remove this and keep them safe with your vehicle’s seatbelt instead.

The Advansafix essentially becomes a high backed booster seat until your child is 12 years old, or 36kg. £220 seems expensive when you compare it to other, cheaper car seats. Once you consider the Advansafix could last your child 11 years, that’s £20 a year. Money well spent, in my opinion.

Is It Autism Friendly?

Sam has Autism, so he wasn’t very co-operative when it came to having his photo taken in his new car seat – this was the best I could manage. The fact he isn’t screaming speaks volumes though! Sam is much comfier in this car seat, compared to his Britax Trifix, as his arms aren’t as restricted at the sides. The Trifix was amazing for him when he was smaller, but as he is so large, he has outgrown it quickly.

The car seat was very quick to install, and the installation indicators leave you feeling confident it has been done correctly. (Did you know that only 30% of UK seat belt secured car seats are fitted correctly, while 96% of isofix seats are correctly fitted)? Scary fact of the day! This video shows you exactly how to install the Advansafix correctly.

Reclining The Seat

The Britax Advansafix has 3 recline positions. We have only used the most upright one as Sam doesn’t nap any more, but they’d be very useful for a younger child. I haven’t yet tried the car seat with the vehicle seatbelt, but I will of course update this Britax Advansafix Car Seat review once Sam is too tall for the 5 point harness.

The cover is removable and machine washable – This is great news! The fact the car seat isn’t as deep as other models makes it easier to get your child in and out of the seat. (Sam can’t climb into the seat himself, so lifting him in and out of his old car seat was a real struggle. It’s a lot easier with the Advansafix).

Safety First

The car seat has a number of safety features which work together to keep your child as safe as possible. Those features include:

  • 5 point safety harness which is suitable for use unto 25kg (usually 18kg).
  • Isofix top tether which reduce rotational movement.
  • Isofit+ (superior isofit).
  • Deep, softly padded full side wings (provide optimum side impact protection).
  • Performance chest pads and pivot link system (Reduce forward movement)
  • Seat belt guides (ensure the seatbelt is correctly fitted when used as a stage 3 seat).

The Verdict

I would give the Advansafix 5/5. If a rear facing seat isn’t for you, I’d highly recommend Advansafix. It is always worth taking your child to a store to try them in the seat before you buy, though. What is right for one child isn’t always right for another.

Make sure you check the Britax Advansafix is compatible with your car before you buy – you can do that HERE

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the Advansafix for the purpose of this review, but all words and opinions are my own.



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