PLEASE NOTE THIS Little Tikes Sizzle and Serve BBQ GIVEAWAY HAS NOW ENDED – WINNER WAS SIMONE GRIFFIN… Last month was the hottest May in decades, but according to a survey of over 2000 people carried out by Little Tikes, Brits don’t consider it to be really summer until the start of June – despite the record-breaking May temperatures.

Is It Summer Get?

The survey found that over a quarter of those surveyed class the first week of June as the start of the Summer season… Despite the official start of summer being 21st June. (The Summer Solstice). Just one in ten thought the start of Summer was the Solstice week. additionally, some people thought it wasn’t really summertime until the schools break up for the Summer holidays.

Personally, I class it as Summer once it’s warm enough for us to have picnics on the beach, or dine alfresco.

Read on to find out how to win a Little Tikes Sizzle and Serve BBQ…

Syd buried in the sand at the seaside. Little Tikes Sizzle and Serve BBQ Giveaway image

Over 63% of Brits surveyed stated that Summer is their favourite season, but less than a quarter (23%) said that warm weather heralded the start of the season for them.

For one in ten Brits, Summer officially starts when they first smell cut grass. For others, the smell of BBQ is the sign that Summer has arrived! Some Brits surveyed said the sound of children playing outdoors. Others, the first spray tan of the year. Even the Queen’s Birthday was what they thought of as the start of Summer. I am one of the unlucky 3% of Brits who know it’s summer when their Hayfever symptoms kick in!

Almost 50% of those asked didn’t feel they got to spend enough time outdoors during the Summer months. They said they would like to change that.

Michelle Lilley, Head of Marketing for Little Tikes said: “It’s no surprise that Summer is the favourite season for us Brits… Especially with the weather we’ve had this May. There’s nothing better than getting outdoors with all the family and being able to have fun together in the sunshine and that’s something that Little Tikes celebrates.”

Play outdoors with the Little Tikes Sizzle and Serve BBQ

This summer, Little Tikes is calling on all Brits to make the most of the season… By spending time together outdoors. The brand offers a full range of outdoor play products. From sandboxes to playhouses, water tables to the iconic Cozy Coupe. This year, Little Tikes also launched the new Fun Zone range. This features toys like Dual Twister, Tumblin’ Tower, Splash Face and Drop Zone . Which can be used indoors or outdoors with a water-play twist!

kids playing with a Little Tikes Sizzle and Serve BBQ

For your chance to win a Little Tikes Sizzle n Serve Grill, just fill in the form below!

Win a Little Tikes Sizzle n Serve Grill

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