A friend recently moaned to me that there was “Nothing to do” in Bristol. (Her home City). I hate it when people say stuff like that, so set about finding out what there is to do there. Once I had finished the Bristol to do list, I realised the City has more to offer than I ever imagined, and added a visit to my to do list!

My Bristol to do list

I decided to share my favourite 3 ideas from the Bristol to do list in this blog post… So that others can enjoy what Bristol has to offer, too. Two of these places and activities are pretty well known locally, one is more off the beaten track.

Wild Place Project:

Bristol to do list - wild place project

Firstly… This new family attraction offers outdoor adventure, play and learning. Their vision is to create a sustainable future for wildlife & people through their conservation and education work.They aim to inspire families to enjoy nature with a number of outdoor adventures, including seasonal themed trails, exploring the woods and climbing in the undercover Fun Fort. Find out more about the Wild Place Project here.

Banksy Walking Tour:

Bristol to do list - Banksy art

Secondly,… The now world famous street artist was born and bred in Bristol. Some of his most famous pieces are painted on the walls around the City. Visit Bristol have listed some of Banksy’s most famous Bristol works, which together make for a great self-guided walking tour of the city, which is absolutely free. Along the way, you can of course stop to sample some of the shops, museums and eateries the city has to offer along the way. Find all of the information here.

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery: 

Bristol to do list - Bristol Gallery

Finally… Bristol Museum & Art Gallery is made up of 19 galleries, spread over 3 floors, which reveal fascinating cultures, human invention, ancient civilisations, and creativity which span from the beginning of time, to the present day! It’s free to visit, so would be an ideal destination for a rainy day activity in the City. It’s so big, I suspect one visit won’t be enough to see everything, though! Find out more about the museum here

I went back to my friend with these suggestions and she said she hadn’t visited any of them! She also said that I should recommend my readers Contact Contact AA Taxis Bristol if you need a fast way to get around the city.

Have you been to Bristol? Is there a place or activity you think is worth adding to this list? Comment below to share it with my readers. Lastly, why not check out more of my travel content.

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