Today I’m launching my latest giveaway – You could win a Father’s Day book bundle worth over £110. One lucky winner will receive 9x books in total. The Secrets of life series is a 4 book collection by SS O’Connor, and then I’ve got a bundle of 5 fiction novels. Keep reading to find out how to enter to be in with a chance of winning this Father’s Day book bundle.

Brilliant Father’s Day Book Ideas

If you’re considering buying your dad a book this Father’s Day, there’s tons of options out there. Today, I’m giving away two book series to one lucky winner. You could win the following:

4x Fiction Books

4 of the books included in the Father's Day book Bundle giveaway
Which Father’s Day book will your Dad or partner love?
  1. Bloodlines by Chris Bishop – Imagine a story of Viking invasion, noble heritage, honour, destiny, conflict and sacrifice, and you’re on the right path.
  2. Mary and Her Seven Devils – Peter Morris – This story explores the late-teen female psyche of a modern-day university student as she struggles with temptation, self-discovery and love.
  3. The Chanteuse from Cape Town – John Constable – This tale of intrigue and betrayal follows Private Investigator Sol Nemo as he takes on South Africa’s underworld, following the kidnap his friend’s wife.
  4. The Logos Prophecy – Martin Treanor – Thrown together and hunted by their bitter enemies, a conspiracy blogger and scientist search for the roots of an ancient symbol. a must read for mystery fans.

For bookworms who prefer fact over fiction, this series is sure to be appreciated…

The Secrets of Life Series by SS O’Connor

This series is made up of Four books, which are perfect for anyone who loves science, theory, and big questions…

  1. How Did Life End Up With Us?
  2. How Did We Get To Be So Different?
  3. Why Do We All Behave In the Way We Do?
  4. So What Does It All Mean?
All 4 Books in The Secrets of Life by SS O'Connor is part of the Father's Day Book Bundle Giveaway
All 4 Books in The Secrets of Life by SS O’Connor is part of the Father’s Day Book Bundle Giveaway
In book One, O’Connor explains how the gene is the great conductor of life’s orchestra. He breaks down in lay-man’s terms how genetics helped millions of life forms to refine themselves. He also explains why it also sees failure, death and extinctions as opportunities rather than disasters.

Book Two picks apart the steps that led to humans becoming so totally different to anything had appeared before. He questions what lead to our unique abilities.

In book Three, O’Connor breaks down how the science of decision analysis developed. He goes on to explain why decision analysis has come to show us the reasoning behind how humans arrive at their choices in life, as well as why a good amount of the apparently bizarre behaviour of the natural world has logic to it.

In book 4, O’Connor pulls together the threads of genetic and cultural evolution. He then adds to these the conclusions of evolutionary game theory. During this explanation, he breaks down reasons why some of the phenomena of our existence may not be mysteries, but could in fact have the same underlying logic to them.

The Anglo-French Exchange – Dr Allswell Eno

The final item in the Father’s Day book Bundle is a reference books. It’s an advanced English-French/French-English translation and grammar textbook. I wish this had been around in 1999-2000, when I was studying GCSE French. 

All 9 of the Father's Day Book Bundle Giveaway Prizes
All 9 of the Father’s Day Book Bundle Giveaway Prizes

How To Enter

To be in with a chance of winning these 9 books, all you need to do is complete the Gleam form below. (If you’re using a smartphone, you may need to click the link to open the competition). Please note, this giveaway is for UK residents only. The giveaway closes on: 21st June, and the winner will be drawn shortly after this time.

Win a Father’s Day Book Bundle Worth £110

Please note, this giveaway ends after Father’s Day, so the prize will arrive after the big day. Finally, I just want to say a massive thank you to Literally PR, who are providing the prize. 


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    My son and dad

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      With my partner who is an awesome dad to our son!

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    I would share the prize with my dad and my eldest son!

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    I would share with my dad and then after we had read them, we would leave in the phone box library for others to read.

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    I would share/give this prize to my hubby who is a wonderful father to our two sons.

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      Would share with my housemate.

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    My nephew, he love to read.

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    I’d share it with my husband, who loves to read just as much as I do

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    Between my children to give to their dad

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    I would share the prize with my dad

  15. I would give them to my step Dad, he loves reading.

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    I’d share it with my son 🙂

  17. Wendy Lam-Vechi says:

    Both my husband and I love non fiction books. We love seeing a new insight to something and learning a new philosophy so
    I will definitely share them with him

  18. Rachel Walsh says:

    I’d gift to my dad, and I think my grandad would like a few too!

  19. claire woods says:

    I’d share with my Dad, as we both love reading.

  20. Father would really enjoy reading these books so an ideal gift for Fathers Day

  21. Rich Tyler says:

    Great prize bundle

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    i would share with my husband

  24. Looks like a great bundle!

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    looks amazing


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    My step dad he is a legend for taking me on as his own

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  30. I would share the books with my wife

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  33. Fab prize. A lot of those books I would read before giving toy Dad!

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    My husband who is a great father to our daughter.

  42. IT would be for my dad

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  44. I would share it with my dad.

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    Probably my father in law as some of these sound like books he’d like.

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    I’d share with my partner, we are both bookworms! 😊

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