Now that Christmas is over, it’s time to start to think about Valentine’s Day. If your other half is anything like mine, you’re probably clueless what to buy! When the team at Jana Reinhardt got in touch to offer to give away one of their beautiful  Handmade Wing Necklace to one of my readers, I was more than happy to agree!  This beautiful necklace is sterling silver, and has an RRP of £89.

Jana Wing Necklace on a person

The handmade wing necklace is one of Jana Reinhardt’s bestsellers, and it’s easy to see why!

Tell Me More About The Handmade Wing Necklace!

All of Jana’s jewellery is handmade, so it’s a one of a kind piece, without a doubt!

This necklace is a wonderfully sweet way of promising to be someone’s guardian angel. It’s also a great way to keep someone you’ve lost with you.

This wing necklace is contemporary, chic and more than a little fabulous! The wing measures 20x10mm, and the necklace can be worn at 16 or 18 inches (41 or 46cm).

close up of the Wing Necklace

Tell Me More About Jana

Jana and her business partner (and husband) Ross live in Worthing, West Sussex. They achieved their dream of living and working by the sea when they left the Big Smoke behind in 2012. Every Jana Reinhardt product is made in their seaside workshop. They are passionate about giving the personal touch to every single piece of jewellery they create.

How To Enter?

If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning this prize, all you need to do is fill in the form below. Don’t forget to comment, telling me the best valentines gift you’ve ever given or received!

Don’t forget, this giveaway is only open to UK residents aged 18 and over. Finally, why not check out my other Giveaways.

£89 Jana Reinhardt Wing Necklace

277 thoughts on “Win An £89 Jana Reinhardt Wing Necklace

  1. A random suprise off my husband of 50 red roses to my work. Considering we rarely celebrate it, it melted my heart.

  2. The best gift I ever received was a stegasaurous necklace chosen by my 4 year old! ❤️ It is her favourite dinosaur and just so random, I love it! I would love to win this wing necklace though, somewhat classier than a dinosaur haha

  3. I had flowers from my hubby when we first got together 15 years ago….that was the first and last time he got me flowers lol, so I have to say that, that was the best Valentines Day present that I have received.

  4. I always get flowers, chocolates and a candle lit meal sometimes at home, other years at our favourite Indian restaurant xx

  5. i got a card when i was 12 from a boy in my class other than that ive never got anything, the hubby hates valentines day

  6. I was given a holiday to Mexico because it was our anniversary and my birthday on the 15th so it was all rolled into one. Superb prize

  7. My engagement ring, but no longer married to that man so hoping that this Valentines with my new boyfriend will be the best yet!

  8. I know that everyone probably gets roses on valentines day but i never get flowers brought for me so when my fella got me some it was a big deal for me

  9. Flowers from my husband. Though the sweetest thing I’ve ever received is a card from a very shy boy at high school.

  10. When I was 7 my little classmate ‘boyfriend’ gave me a card with a lock of his own hair. He had sheared it off and left a bald spot – his mum was not pleased with him but it was very funny. An odd gift I know, but sweet and it has kept me giggling for 25 years!

  11. An angel figurine as my husband knows how much I love to collect angels – his nickname for me is also ‘my little angel’ xx

  12. Before we had children I think it was probably a 3 course meal made by my partner himself, with 12 red rose and a new outfit we went out the day before to get but since having kids it has been making the day special y planning something but always having our children with us because they bring us the biggest and best pleasure that nothing will ever compare to

  13. I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day, never have, although I got with my partner around Valentine’s day so that was the best gift ever

  14. We don’t really celebrate anymore, but last year I did have a bunch of flowers and box of chocs, such a surprise

  15. nothing fancy but it meant a lot to me, we had a 1 month old and very little money and he got my mum too have our newborn for a few hours and cooked me a lasagne, fancy table all set. it was so sweet.

  16. my husband entered a competition to get roses and cupcakes that spelled out ‘I love you’ delivered to my work, loved that!

  17. Gorgeous flowers. I act like I’m a girl who doesn’t want/need flowers…but when he gets a big bouquet delivered to me as a surprise it melts me. 😍

  18. To be honest, Valentines days aren’t particularly memorable for us 🙁 BUT I do remember when my partner arranged for a gorgeous bouquet of fragrant, velvety roses to be delivered to me at work! I couldn’t stop smiling 🙂

  19. Many years ago my boyfriend brought me a single red rose, around the stem was a gorgeous Eternity Ring, Yes I married him 😀

  20. A positive pregnancy test. I intended to wait until the weekend and buy a test on a day out as I was scared of bumping into someone I knew while buying it. But hubby clearly couldn’t wait that long and so I came home from a late evening at work to find fish and chips and a pregnancy test instead of chocs and flowers. Our daughter was born in the October.

  21. I have never in my life received a Valentine’s Day gift! My partner and I don’t celebrate, however it’s our anniversary around the same time so we make up for it then.

  22. I found out a few years back i was pregnant. unfortunatey i miscarried twins 2 weeks later but still the best valentines present i ever received heres to hoping I get that news this valentines

  23. My husband bought me a bouquet of flowers which were cala lillies, my wedding bouquet flower. So thoughtful

  24. It has to be the biggest bouquet of red tea roses that I’d ever seen. They were stunning, and I’ve never forgotton about them.

  25. I think the best thing I ever received was a surprise trip to Italy. The best I gave is a rare 1970s Japanese vinyl album.

  26. my favourite flower is a daffodil as my mum who passed away of a brain tumour loved fiancé brought me a daffodil necklace

  27. Hubby and I don’t do Valentines as it is right between our birthday’s (his is 8th Feb mine is 20th Feb), but we did have our honeymoon over Valentines week which was nice

  28. The best Valentines gift I was ever given was my wedding ring! That was a fair few years ago now but I still love both the ring and the gorgeous man who gave it to me

  29. We dont tend to celebrate valentines day – although I wouldnt turn down a pressie especially if it is of the chocolate variety, haha

  30. My husband is not very good at ever remembering valentines day and the one time he did he brought me dyed blue flowers so I guess you could say its the best and worst gift all rolled into one!

  31. As weird and sad as it sounds, I’ve actually never given or received a Valentines Gift. 🤔 There’s always a first for it.

  32. My favourite valentine gift was a handmade rose. This was made from bread, painted and varnished. So personal.

  33. Flowers and jewellery but I’ve never really had anything special, most of my boyfriends havent been really interested in it

  34. I bought my husband a wee cuddly teddy bear which was holding a red heart. Unknown to him I put it in his lunch box. He opened it up in front of his work mates much to their amusement. But secretly, he said, they were all a bit jealous.

  35. My chap bought me a silver charm bracelet with the intention of adding a charm for every significant event. I loved that it showed such faith in the future, wore it everywhere, and then lost it within weeks. We had the significant events anyway ☺

  36. The best valentine gift I ever received was a tube of orange smarties in the days when you could not buy an entire tube. My husband (boyfriend at the time) had saved all of the orange smarties to make an entire tube. Loved it!

  37. We don’t go all out for Valentine’s Day we usually just treat ourselves to a nice meal. The oysters that we had last year were particularly delicious. Definitely a good present to each other.

  38. One year I received a Valentine’s Card sent via the companies internal mail. I never did discovered the identity of the sender.

  39. My husband gave me a Celine dion vinyl for my record player. Every time I get drunk I put it on and belt out its all coming back to me now. Ironic when I can’t remember the next day

  40. A little Me to You bear. My hubby gave him to me before we got married, we don’t really do Valentines if I’m honest. Anyhow, little bear sits on my desk and gives me motivation haha

  41. Normally red roses are given. I was given yellow roses which stand for friendship but they were given with love.

  42. My husband doesn’t normally get me anything, but last year he surprised me with a lovely box of very posh chocolates, which I really enjoyed.

  43. My best was last year being told I was going to be an aunty a little cousin for my son they now have the best bond

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