In case you missed last week’s post,  have created a new blogger guest post series… Parenting Fails. This week’s fail belongs to the lovely Cat from… She’s sharing how forgetting the baby’s changing bag was her biggest parenting fail to date!

Parenting Fails – Forgetting The Baby’s Changing Bag

Theo and Grace are hilarious, they really are. The things that come out of their mouths at opportune moments, often have me laughing (and cringing). My biggest parenting fail so far, (though I am sure it will not be the last), was leaving the baby’s changing bag on a train. Of course, we weren’t just going to the supermarket. We were on the first of 2 trains from Norwich when T, G and I were off to London for a brand press morning.

Parenting Fails – Realising My Mistake

Press days and a 2 month old baby plus toddler make for a pretty stressful time under any circumstances, don’t they? When I realised I had forgotten the changing bag, I had to dash around the station’s Boots and panic-buy the essentials. There wasn’t a nearby shop to buy a change of clothes for the inevitable poo-splosion from G.

Parenting Fails - forgetting the baby's changing bag

Running Late…

We were already running 20 minutes late, and I had let the Press lady know we would be late arriving… all was ok. That is until a 3 and a half year T started crying on the District Line Tube! He was upset that “we had not got any spare clothes for the Baby’. He just kept crying and crying and wailing and wailing. It was almost 10am by this time, so not the height of rush hour but still busy. I tried to comfort T, but he got louder and louder and more worked up. When we reached the stop before ours, a man in a suit got up, walked towards me and handed T £20 from his wallet! He said it was “to buy the baby some clothes.” The man then dashed off, while I was gobsmacked and T instantly cheered up.

Finally Arriving At Our Destination

When we got to the event, the Press lady was lovely. She gave us a change of clothing for G, as typically… She had done a massive poo on the Tube. T was so relieved. I donated the £20 the mystery man gave us to the next charity shaker I saw. and when we got back to Norwich in the afternoon our Changing bag was waiting for us at the ticket office.

Back To MotherGeek

I don’t know about you, but I was stressed on Cat’s behalf! Thank you for joining in with my new weekly link: Parenting Fails. Check back next Monday for another Parenting blunder!



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