This morning, hubby and I took both of the dogs onto our local park for a walk. (We do the same thing most days). Today was different though – Monty was what can only be described as a BAD DOG! He wouldn’t come back and I couldn’t get him back on the lead.

Bad Dog Alert

Generally speaking, Monty’s recall is awful, and it takes me ages to “catch” him and clip him back onto his lead. Today though, hubby surprised me and met me with the dogs as I was on my way home from a coffee date with one of the school mums. Obviously, I needed to pee. (The joys of a mummy bladder). Monty didn’t care that I had a valid reason for cutting their walk short though, so I had no choice but to attempt to walk home with him off – lead. (It was that, or have an “accident” in the park).

We live literally 30 seconds away from the entrance to the park, and Minnie frequently walks back off lead. Monty though decided to go off on an adventure as soon as we got onto the road. SIGH.

Picture The Scene

Imagine this… Me, discreetly bursting for the loo, while Monty’s bouncing around the street and communal car park. Hubby took Minnie inside the house and I tried to catch Monty. (Emphasis on tried). I was relatively calm for the first couple of minutes, but then I started to shout. Not only because I felt like I was about to blow a water pipe, but also because Monty ran out in front of a Council van and was about 3 feet from being squashed. See – I told you he was a bad dog!

I Gave Up

I tried treats, food, ignoring him, but nothing made that big pest come home! In the end, I said “Bye then”, and shut the front door. After a few seconds, he was stood at the front door. I opened it super slowly and grabbed his collar so he couldn’t dart off again. Thankfully, I just about made it to the bathroom in time, but it was touch and go there for a second!┬áNeedless to say, Monty found himself well and truly in the dog house! He spent the next 3 hours in the kitchen with just his dog bed for company.

Don’t let this sad face fool you – he’a a demon dog when he’s out and about!

bad dog - monty when he's being good

The Moral Of The Story

Always pee before walking the dogs! Have you got any funny stories about your bad dog? I saw Stressed Mum’s post about the lovely Ringo recently and shed a tear or 3.

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