My Birth Plan

With Sam, we spent months panicking about the delivery. We considered all options, and at one point a section under general was even discussed with my consultant (months before the time)! My decision in the end was that I was happy to go with the flow, but wanted drugs!

When I eventually went into labour 4 days early, I managed at home for a good few hours, without pain relief. (I had a Tens Machine but it was such a hot day, the pads kept falling off my back). At around 10.40pm, we headed to the hospital when my contractions were around 3 minutes apart. I was still in good spirits and laughing and joking between contractions.

The midwife didn’t seem to think I was in established labour. It was only when my waters broke and she examined me she realised I was fully dilated and needed to push! Sam was born less than an hour later, with no pain relief. (Ok, I had a few puffs of the gas and air, but when I saw my Cat walk across the room, I knew it was time to put the gas down)! Sam weighed in at 9lb, and miraculously, I needed no stitches, despite his very fast arrival.

This time around, my birth plan reads like this:

1). Stay at home for as long as possible.
2). Just my husband (and Sam if we have no childcare) are allowed in – no other family members.
3). If I ask for drugs, give them to me!
4). I have SPD so lying on the bed is probably not going to work for me! I want to keep mobile if possible.
5). If you have to shove your fingers up my bum to prevent me tearing, please warn me in advance!
(The last point is there on the back of my most traumatic memory of Sam’s birth). If you want to read my birth story in full, you can find it HERE)

I am easy going and not bothered about most aspects of the delivery. I don’t mind trainees being in the room – hey, they have to learn, right? I have done it without pain relief before, but I am not aiming to do that again! If I manage it, great. But if I need drugs, I’ll ask for them!
I am not interested in a water birth, either. I might have a bath or shower during labour but am not going to cry if there’s no birth pool available.

So there you have it – My birth plan!
Was yours more in depth than mine? Or was yours even more vague? In an ideal world, I’d have loved a home birth. However, due to my health issues I have to be in hospital, under consultant care.

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