Fathers Day Fun

Yesterday was DaddyGeek’s 2nd Father’s Day. Last year, Sam was barely 2 weeks old, so we didn’t do much, aside from card & present. This year, despite me being fit to drop any time, we got a bit more active. The day started early – Sam woke at 5am. Thankfully he went back down from 7-9am. By 11am, we were all up, dressed and fed.

DaddyGeek was given his card & gift, and then asked what he’d like to do. Of course being the geek he is, he wanted to go to the Apple Shop to see the new MacBook Pro Laptop. So we all headed off to the Trafford Centre. Hubby got his Geek on, and drooled over the fruity gadgety thing for a good 15 minutes, before agreeing to leave the shop empty handed! (If I had a spare £1800, he’d still have been leaving the shop empty handed)!!

We then went for a drive over to Chorley (The area we hope to move to), and we took Sam on the park. He had a great time playing on the swings. After this, we went for a walk (waddle) around the estate, before heading to the supermarket for a few bits.

Hubby did some work when we got home, so he didn’t manage to have a full day off for his 2nd Father’s Day. On the plus side, I did manage not to give birth, despite some scary pressure when we were in the Trafford Centre. I thought my waters were going to break in there at one point! (They didn’t)!

Hubby said he had a good Father’s Day. I was impressed I managed to survive the entire day without tears, too. Despite realising I hadn’t taken any flowers to the crematorium for my Dad, I avoided a hormonal meltdown – HOORAY!

I hope all the other Dads out there had a great day too!

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