Most people think that A-Levels have to take two years to complete.  However, that isn’t the case. Some students don’t want to wait two years to complete their A-Levels. So in these circumstances, students may want to consider a fast track A-Levels course. These fast track A-Levels courses can be completed in one yearWhile the majority of students will go through a two year A Level course, colleges like Rochester Independent College offer an alternative to the norm.

More Info On Fast Track A-Levels Courses

Fast-tracking A Levels may open a gateway for academically gifted students who don’t want to wait two years before progressing to University.  It can also be an option to consider when initial A-Level results have not met the required grades. Rather than spending another two years retaking them, you can get them done in one year instead.

The option for fast track A-Levels Levels is open to all different kinds of students. Whether they are local, international, needing to retake or are mature students.

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Fast track A Levels mean that students can usually successfully complete three A Levels in whichever field they are interested in, within a single year.  There are courses ranging from the Sciences to the arts so there is something for everyone.

Switching courses on fast track A-Levels

Unsure about initial subject choices for your fast track A Level  year? There is no need to worry.

Some students may not be happy with their initial subject choices, once the course begins. That is why switching A Levels has been made easier. Students can now switch early on in the year. This ensures students are happy with their courses, so they’ll be more likely to succeed in their studies.

Students choose their A Levels months before actually starting the course. So it’s easy to understand that once the course starts that sometimes the choices don’t fit with the student. At colleges like Rochester Independent College, students can talk to their tutors and the Sixth Form advisor about their subject choices. This means that students get the advice that they need by working closely with their tutors. Together, they’ll ensure each student can head in the right direction for their future career paths and studies.

International students and fast track A-Levels

Fast-track A-Level courses are also well suited to international students. If they have a good academic background. Additionally, they can be most useful as a gateway into top UK universities. Studying fast-track A Levels can also be used as an alternative to foundation courses at university, therefore making the transition to higher education smoother.

As an additional stepping stone, English classes are usually available for international students. These help to improve written and verbal English language skills. These will, of course, make it easier to thrive when the student moves on to University. 

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A final word of warning

Although there are many benefits to completing one year A Level courses… As you might expect, they are not for everybody.  You are cramming two years worth of studying and coursework into one academic year. So these are best suited to either extremely capable and motivated students. Or students who already have a familiarity with the course material (i.e. resits, IB students etc.) Finally, check out this post on increasing productivity when studying from home.


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