Night 1 in his big cot

So, yesterday saw not just Sam’s first taste of baby porridge, but his first night in his proper cot too!

We were meant to be moving house so were holding off doing his
nursery, but that’s fallen through so we decided now was the time.

Sam has been in a travel cot with a crib bit for 7 weeks but is now
too heavy for the crib bit & my back isn’t up to lifting him in
& out of a floor level cot 3/4 times a night.

We haven’t done his nursery yet as pennies are still tight but we got his cotbed this week.

Hubby built it last night (after I carried it all up to the top of our 3 storey house).
It fits surprisingly well in our bedroom too!

The mattress is quite a bit firmer than the travel cot one & sam was reluctant to settle on his back.
He fell asleep on his front happily though (then I turned him over)!

Sam woke at 3.45am for a feed then went back to sleep until 7.30am.
Not gonna give my verdict just yet as it’s early days, but he seemed
happy enough at midnight when I took this:

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