The kids have been off school for the past week – the joys of half term! Given the fact today’s Blogtober prompt is “Did you survive half term”? I figured I’d best share our shenanigans with you today.

Half Term Round Up

Saturday: Syd was at my friend’s twins 7th birthday party. That was pretty crazy. They had a clown style entertainer. I hate clowns. I’m pretty proud I managed to stay in the same room as him to be fair. If he’d have pulled out a red nose, I’d have been out of there faster than school kids at hometime! Sam spent the day looking through his books.

Sunday: Sam and I had a quiet day at home while hubby took Syd to the allotment. She loves it up there almost as much as he does – as long as she gets to take a picnic with her! Sam loves the peace and quiet at home, so it’s win – win really. It was a very early start, and I finally ordered hubby and I a memory foam mattress topper as Sam’s constant bouncing has killed our mattress in less than 3 years – so much for the 8 year guarantee.


Monday: Syd and I went to Potions Class at Ordsall Hall. She loved it! They have some brilliant activities on over half term and other school holidays. We went with 4 of her friends, and they all got to make a magic potion. It was a fab morning. Sam stayed at home with his Dad, watching Cbeebies.

Tuesday: I took the kids to the Irish World Heritage Centre – My sister manages the cafe there, and there’s plenty of space for the kids to run around. Sam’s Autism makes it hard to get out and about much in the school holidays as he doesn’t do well in crowds. The staff at the Irish centre are brilliant though and we are always made to feel very welcome. While we were there, our new memory foam mattress topper arrived – cue much excitement for the prospect of some sleep tonight!

Uh Oh…

Wednesday: Sam had me up for the day at at 00.50 – so much for a full night’s sleep on my new mattress! Sam was ready to go back to bed at 8am; unfortunately for him, he had a paediatrician appointment at 9am. We survived that and then went to the supermarket to restock supplies. Once back home, we got into our PJs and collapsed onto the sofa for another lazy afternoon. Later that evening, Sam decided to rip huge chunks into my new memory foam mattress topper while I was reading Harry Potter with Syd. (He snuck out of bed and downstairs to get to it). Needless to say, this mama cried. And cried. And cried.

Thursday: Syd had me up at daft o’clock, complaining of a sore knee. After some musical beds, I crashed out in hers for a couple more hours. Hubby took Syd to his Dad’s for the day – 120 miles away. Sam and I stayed at home with the dogs, as he can’t handle that much car time in one day. Sam is happiest at home with all of his creature comforts around him anyway, so although it would have been nice for us all to go up, it’s not easy to achieve.

Friday:I woke up in my own bed – at a reasonable hour – for the first time all half term! (6am is definitely a reasonable hour in this house)! Hubby took Syd out for a long walk with Minnie while Sam and I had a quiet morning. Syd wrote a story on her laptop in the afternoon, and Sam pottered around the house.

What’s yet to come…

Saturday: Today, we are off to see my Aunt. We’ll be there for lunch, and stay for a couple of hours. Sam loves visiting her!

Sunday: Tomorrow Syd and I are at Draigcon – the Harry Potter convention in Manchester. I cannot wait! I’ll also have to get Sam ready for back to school on Monday. He’s at respite after school too, so once he leaves at 8.15am on Monday, I won’t see him again until 3.45pm on Tuesday.

Monday: Syd doesn’t go back to school until Wednesday, so I’ve got 2 more days to fill. I’m thinking we may take the dogs for a long walk this morning and then do some baking after that, before watching Harry Potter – again!

Tuesday: One last Hurrah for Syd today. Possibly a trip to the cinema if she’s been good. Failing that, it’ll be a long walk with the dogs, before settling down to teach her the joys of scrabble. (She’s been asking for weeks, and I promised I’d teach her when Sam’s at respite).


That’s about it! Not much excitement this Half Term, a few mishaps and plenty of sleepless nights! I hope you’ve had a good one if you’ve been off too?

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