Grooming is an essential part of parenting. However, there is just something about haircuts and babies that triggers the worst anxiety. Kids can throw endless tantrums when you pick up your trimmer and best electric razor for grooming. For some children, a haircut is a source of frustration. With that in mind, today I am sharing some ways to keep your child still during a haircut. Fingers crossed at least one of them will help minimise the stress for you and your child.

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Ways to Keep Your Child Still During a Haircut

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These 6 ways help to build confidence and create a friendly environment. This in turn will help to keep your child still during a haircut.


Distracting a baby or child is an amazing way to minimise wriggling. Most children love toys and snacks. You can distract your child with exciting snacks or toys to keep them engaged. Alternatively, let the baby watch a cartoon for kids. It helps to eliminate the fear factor and keep its mind off the haircut.
You can also distract a baby or toddler with soothing music. If you have quality earphones, let them wear them. Earphones help to block the noise from trimmers. It also edges off anxiety.

Use A Child Friendly Salon

Make sure you use only kid friendly salons for children’s haircuts. They are designed with kids in mind. This includes a welcoming, colourful and kid’s friendly novelty seats. Most salons for kids have DVDs, screens and toys that keep babies engaged, calm and relaxed during a haircut. Before cutting the hair, you can simply visit the salon with your child. It familiarises them with what happens in the salon.

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A Home Haircut

Most children are more comfortable at home. So why not have the haircut at the comfort of your home? You can do it yourself or invite a barber or mobile hairdresser round. Ease your child’s anxiety by playing video games or music before and during the haircut.
When you bring home a hairdresser, you shouldn’t look at it as a long term solution. Consider it a temporary and an ideal introduction of the grooming process to your child. While cutting the hair, exercise all relaxation techniques.

Buy Kids Friendly Essentials

There are different haircut essentials. Go shopping and let your child pick some of its favourite grooming essentials. This includes a comb, a hairbrush and a good trimmer. This process can help to calm the child, as you can show them in the store that the items are harmless. At the salon, a hairdresser can use the items while assuring the child that all is well.


Storytelling is an old technique used to relax children. It still works when the time comes for a haircut. Tell a story that excites and relaxes your child. With many kids’ apps, you can also let them listen to an interesting story on your smartphone.
There are also videos that show how a haircut is done. This is a great feature that tells your child what to expect. With this, you can reassure them that a haircut is interesting and it brings about a great look.

Role Play a Haircut

Before a haircut, role play with your baby. Pretend to give the baby a small haircut and vice versa. Use your hands or a pair of toy scissors or toy trimmers. It helps the baby to make fun out of a haircut and kill anxiety related to the process. Once the baby gets used to the play, use calming clippers and trimmers to cut the hair.

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A point to note is that calming clippers are particularly important for sensory sensitive kids. Therefore, before an actual haircut, take time to deal with sensitivity discomfort and pain. Help the baby to recognise sensitivities, acknowledge the discomfort and use the above tricks to make the haircut a pleasant experience. Finally, check out more of my parenting posts here.

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