If you follow us on social media, you probably already know we’ve got another dog! Introducing our new baby girl, Minnie….

we got ANOTHER dog

we got ANOTHER dog - Minnie

She came to join our hectic household on 9th October at just 8 weeks old. Minnie was 1 of a litter of 6 pups, all of whom were rejected by their mum. Their poor mum had basically been used as a baby machine for goodness knows how long.

Rescue Puppy

Minnie and her siblings were all hand reared by the amazing team at Joey’s Legacy Boxer Rescue. Minnie is definitely the boss, and has been keeping Monty in check since the day she arrived. I’m not sure if it’s because she was hand reared, but she bites a lot more, and a lot harder than Monty did. She’s learning to do it less, though and I honestly can’t imagine her not being here now.

we got ANOTHER dog - Minnie

Our house is officially chaos – between feeding the dogs, making sure they get enough exercise, keeping on top of worming and flea treatments, getting their immunisations done and training them, it’s been a full time job. I have loved every second of it though and am fast becoming a crazy dog lady.

we got ANOTHER dog - Monty and Minnie

Monty and Minnie are already thick as thieves though, and have become inseparable. Monty refuses to go for a walk now, unless Minnie comes. Strictly speaking, Minnie isn’t allowed out yet, but two boxer pups bounding round the house is too much. Even for this crazy dog lady, so Minnie has joined us in the local park this week.


She is already much better on her lead than her brother, so hopefully she will teach him a few things…! Both of the puppies have been chipped, and they both wear personalised dog tags too, so should they get lost, fingers crossed they’ll be returned home safe and sound.

Both Monty and Minnie (or M&M as I call them) are big fans of kisses and cuddles. So much so, working is proving almost impossible! How am I supposed to get any work done when I have this face peering up at me?

we got ANOTHER dog -  Minnie typing

I have been writing this post for the past 3 days. This morning I decided to take the dogs for a massive walk so I could work in peace while they slept this afternoon. So far so good….!

Stay tuned for more dog related posts soon. I will of course share our doggie adventures here too, and any dog / boxer tips or tricks we pick up along the way.┬áIf you want to see more of this gorgeous duo, feel free to follow their adventures on Instagram at @Boxers_MnM – I share a lot of their mischief over there, but prepare yourself for cuteness overload! Finally, follow the dogs’ adventures here!

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