Today is day 21 of Blogtober, and today’s prompt is unusual pets, in honour of #ReptileAwarenessDay. We’re so boring when it comes to pets – We have two dogs and a cat. If I got to choose who I come back as next time around, I’d want to be a dog who belongs to a loving family. Monty and Minnie definitely lead my interpretation of a dog’s life. Kisses and cuddles on tap, plenty of long walks, snacks and a healthy, balanced diet. What’s not to love? They get lie ins, they sleep in our bed and they are rarely left alone – they are living the good life!

Taken by Paul Feeley

Lucky Ones

Monty, Minnie and our cat, Ellie are definitely three of the lucky ones! You hear so many horror stories about animals being neglected and abused, it makes my heart ache. Reptiles are no exception. The lady who runs the rescue charity we got Minnie from also rescues reptiles. She’s shared some horror stories of reptiles being kept in appalling conditions. People impulse buying reptiles and then not buying the correct tank, light or heat sources seems to be a massive problem in the UK.

Adopt Don’t Shop

When it comes to dogs, more people than ever do look to adopt rather than buy from a private breeder. Did you know you can also adopt cats, reptiles, birds and more? A quick google search for <insert animal> rescue will help you find one which helps the species of animal you want to welcome into your home.

The good thing about rescuing is rescue centres will make certain you have everything you need to look after your new housemate. They won’t just sell you a snake and assume you have everything you need. They’ll want to either come and inspect your home to see for themselves, or they’ll expect you to buy your vivarium from them.

A Dog’s Life

The saying “a dog’s life” originally meant a sad existence. Dogs used to be kept outdoors, fed scraps and not looked after particularly well. Lucky dogs are now treated like one of the family. As I type his post, it is 6am. I am sat on the chair in the lounge and the dogs are asleep on the sofa, snuggled up with Syd (my 6 year old daughter). A dog’s life is definitely a pretty good existence in this house!

Would you assume the phrase meant a good or a bad existence?

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