It’s day 20 of Blogtober, and today’s prompt is “ten facts about you”. So today I am sharing ten geeky facts about me! I’ve probably discussed most of them on the blog before, but with almost 1400 blog posts under my belt, chances are you’ve not read all of them!

Ten geeky facts

1). I’m a massive fan of all things Nintendo! I had the original NES, and every console after that until the Wii U. My original gameboy still works!

2). I love genealogy and find family history fascinating. I’ve traced my family tree back to the 1700s.

3). History in general fascinates me – particularly local history. This was triggered by my GCSE History class, which focussed on local history.

4). I hate odd numbers. I have two kids and two dogs…. Hubby was well aware before we considered welcoming either into our home that one was never part of the plan!

5). I’m a little obsessed with wood. I could spend forever walking around old buildings looking at the beams, window frames and doors. Especially doors. I love old doors! My dad was a joiner and I guess he inspired my love of all things wooden.

Geeky enough for you?

6). I have got my grandad’s stamp collection. It’s made up of thousands of stamps from all over the world – many dating back to the days when stamps were first invented. It’s one of my most treasured possessions.

7). I went through my entire secondary school life earning just one detention – and that was revoked after the fact. I was that kid who did all of their homework*. Not necessarily well, but I did it.

8). *Except revision. I went through a full school year of German doing a vocabulary test every lesson, and cheated in every single one. It backfired horribly of course when I knew absolutely nothing and the teacher tried to force me to do GCSE German because I had a 9/10 average in German and only 7/10 in French. To my knowledge, the teacher never figured out how I cheated, but half of the class did.

9). I am obsessed with books – especially children having access to books. My kids own book collection is larger than the one our local library has.

10). I could do long multiplication before I knew how to spell my surname. (Spelling was never my strong suit in my early years).

So there you have it! Ten geeky facts about me!

What’s the most geeky fact about you? Feel free to share it in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Ten Geeky Facts About Me

  1. I traced my family tree back to the 1700’s in one weekend when one of the sites was free. hehehe It was so interesting.
    Being a geek is fab!

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