No More Babies

It still feels like yesterday that I found out I was expecting Sam. (In reality, it was almost 4 years ago). I am now busy scouring the City trying to find the best Special Educational Needs school for him. Sydney is only 12 months younger than Sam, so I am also busy visiting all the local primary schools, trying to find her the best nursery / primary school place in our catchment area. 

I cannot believe how fast the past 4 years have gone. They aren’t babies any more! Syd is a complete diva! She knows what she wants and how to get it. Sam is bouncing off the walls most days. A total whirlwind. Parenthood so far been a total roller coaster ride. Ups, downs and amazing memories galore. Thousands of giggles, plenty of tears and lots and lots of cuddles. (Or “Cuggles” as Syd calls them)!

The photo on the left is one of Sam and I enjoying a hug. He is around 8 Months old here, and about to go to bed. The top-right photo is both Sam and Syd say on my knee at the same time earlier this year. Sam’s busy chewing on his bib, but we often snuggle up like this on rainy afternoons. The bottom-right image is me giving Syd a kiss and cuddle after she fell over at the playground in April this year.

I have already viewed 3 potential schools for the caped crusaders, and have another 2 tours booked in the coming weeks. It’s stressful enough trying to find the perfect school for one child, but I am trying to find places for two children with very different needs. I am also chasing Sam’s Statement, a zillion appointments, referrals and meetings. It’s been a very stress-tastic and busy few months. I have found that cuddles with my small people definitely help to ease the stressful feelings, and remind me that despite all of the stress, it is definitely worth it!

Fairy is helping encourage parents to make the most of those oh-so-soft cuddles with their little ones while they can.

I am a big fan of snuggling up with my two and reading stories. We also love sleepy cuddles. (AKA 5am cuddles in my bed, to avoid getting up before the heating kicks in)! What about you? What’s your favourite time or place to enjoy cuddles with your child(ren)?

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