Blast From The Past

You know when you just want to watch some cheesy tv from years ago?
What do YOU watch?

I have cracked open the Buffy box set and am loving the cheesiness of it.

Back in the day, I loved everything about the show, but the clothes were always the one thing I liked best.
Today, I was watching Season 2 and found myself cringing about Buffy’s
roll on PVC knee high boots, mini skirt with a huge side split and PVC
fake leather jacket.

Buffy Season 1 Cast

Then I remembered I had the EXACT same outfit when I was 16 – EEEEEK!

I was always 2 years younger than Buffy when it aired on the TV, and
always aspired to be like Willow, despite choosing to dress like Buffy –
See… I was even a geek in my youth LOL!

I loved Computers and was always the sensible one.
(ok ok not necessarily very sensible, but the most sensible out of my close friends)!

Hmm – It seems in my old age, I have switched to dress more like Willow than Buffy…

Last August

So come on everyone… FESS UP – Which TV show did you love in your teens?
And which character did you want to be?

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