I was recently sent some of the new Bubble & Balm products to test.

I received the Anti Bacterial Hand Wash and the Citrus soap in a tin.

I have to say, I was VERY impressed!

My skin is really sensitive, so I was expecting to use these products once & banish them to the cupboard with all the other rejected toiletries.

The Soap smells like lemon curd. It foams up well, and the lather feels creamy & luxurious.

The soap rinses off well, leaving your hands feeling soft and smelling great.

The soap’s smell has not helped my waist line though – I have found myself having lemon curd on toast more this past fortnight than in the past 10 years combined.

I love the tin it comes in too – it feels sturdy and is brilliant if you like to keep your soap covered and germ free. The tin is also water tight, so you can always stick it in your changing bag for use after nappy changes when out and about.

The bar of soap itself is round and thick. It took me a few uses to get used to the shape, but now I get along great with it.

I will definitely be buying this soap again when the bar runs out – which by the looks of things will be a while yet!

After 7 days’ use, the bar still looks new!

The hand wash squirts out of the Aluminium bottle with ease. Hooray to none of that annoying gloop gathering on the nozzle!

It initially feels a bit oily; but when you rub it in, this disappears and is replaced with lots of foam and that unmistakable smell of anti bacterial hand wash!

This is one of a tiny number of anti bacterial handwashes which has not dried out my skin.

It kills many things, including MRSA and E-Coli.  This hand wash is brilliant for use after messy nappy changes, as it leaves me confident my hands are squeaky clean and ready to tackle the
next job.

The hand wash doesn’t seem like it will last as long as the soap will, but it still feels great on my hands and leaves me confident my hands are germ free.

Would I buy it again? Yes!

The fact both products are fair trade definitely influences their appeal. It also justifies spending a little bit more for them too – in my opinion.

I am also happy to see both products are Veggie and Vegan friendly. I am Vegetarian and would hate to think I was washing my hands in animal fat in this day & age.

All in all – I love both products and can’t wait to try the other products Bubble & Balm stock.

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