Twitter Autofollow Hell

Just before I went to bed last night, I noticed I had 1325 followers.
When I got up with Sydney 3 hours later, I had 31.4k followers!

At first, I thought Twitter was broken, and it was a mistake. Then I had a look at my follower list.
It was suddenly full of profiles which had 0 followers, and had sent 0 tweets.
Some of them even had profile pictures.

I have no idea why these profiles have suddenly decided to follow me, or if they are spammers, trolls, bots or just some web geek trying out a new program.

One thing is certain though – It is going to be a painstaking job trying to filter out all of the fake profiles, and then report and block them all.

All I can say is I am bloody glad I had email alerts disabled for new followers!

If you have any suggestions as to how I can delete the followers without blocking them one by one, please give me a shout!

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