Junior Book Club Linky – 1st November 2012

Welcome to the tenth MotherGeek #JuniorBookClub Linky!
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This week, I am reviewing Dear Zoo, by Rod Campbell.

I bought this book for Sam a while ago, hoping he would love the animals.

He didn’t really pay much attention to the book.

Not even the hidden animals could get him interested (or my animal noises)!

Dear Zoo is 30 years old now, and it seems dated to me.

I know a lot of people LOVE this book, but Sam certainly didn’t.

I bought the lift flap board book, thinking Sam could hold it himself, but the flaps are card, so easily damaged.

For that reason, this book is only ever used under direct supervision.

Perhaps this is why Sam doesn’t like it?

It could be the fact it doesn’t rhyme, of course?

This is the layout of the pages. You don’t actually reads the type of animal anywhere, just see a picture of them underneath the “flap”.

I can see how this might get older children excited, but at 17 Months old, it goes right over Sam’s head.

Maybe he will fall in love with it when he is a little older?

For now, this book is buried at the bottom of his toy box.

The book measures: 17.6 x 17.2 x 1.4 cm

The ISBN is: 978-0230747722
It has 18 pages, and is aimed at “Toddlers.”

Sorry Rod. 3/5 stars here.

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