Are you looking for a van to hire? Maybe you’re going on a vacation or maybe you’re moving into a new place. Whatever your need may be, here are five things to know before renting a van. If you have experience with renting a van in the past, you may probably have a rough idea of what this involves and how much it would cost. But if you haven’t really done this before, you’re going to want to read carefully and consider these five tips before making any commitments or payments.

5 Things to Know Before Renting a Van

Renting a van involves making a series of choices that are tricky by design as well as price. Van rental agencies often trap unwary customers through a few aspects like insurance, fuelling up. We are here to help you rent a van by providing you with the five essential things you should know before you do it.

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You will Certainly Pay More at Some Locations

Are you going on a vacation with your friends or family? Are you the one who wants to stroll off your flight and get into a rental van? Then, you should be prepared to pay for the privilege because most of the rental agencies charge more at airports. 

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To avoid paying more, make sure you take public transportation or a free shuttle or get a ride to a non-airport location. You will likely save big if you do so. Most of the airport locations get charged extra fees and taxes for operating there. These additional costs are passed on to the renter theron.

Find a Deal with Discounts

Most of us search on a travel booking site. If you have a favorite van rental agency, call them up and ask for any discounts available. Take a quick scan through all your membership cards in your wallet to get discounts. You can also call your Transport Executive to get more deals. Make sure you shop around even after you find a discount to get more discounts. 

While comparing prices, don’t stop at comparing the initial prices. It is always advisable to determine the best deal which involves the combination of rates (including the initial price and extra costs), service and pickup and drop off locations for your trip.

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It is generally an advantage of going with a larger company as it has a broader choice of pickup and dropoff locations. No matter whom you rent from, always make sure you have done all your paperwork correctly (also taking into consideration the company’s checklist regarding the condition of the car when you return it) to avoid disputes.

Confirmation of Your Booking

To get the best deal on long term rentals, always book in advance from your home. All that you need to decide is from whom to rent, what kind of van you want, and where to pick it and drop it off. In case of currency conversions, try to convert prices by yourself on conversion sites that are available online. Because the rental agencies often fraud the foreign customers by making the price in dollars look cheaper than the actual price and thus raising the bill on your credit card. 

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It is always a good idea to confirm your booking a day or two in advance. It takes a minute to reconfirm it while you are at work or traveling. In case of last-minute rides, make sure you keep shopping around for the best deals available. 

You can also make reservations at two different sites if you are very concerned about the availability. Most of the online van rental agencies do not charge a cancellation fee. But it is always advisable to check before double booking a van to avoid cancellation fees.

Who is Going to Drive the Van

Are you planning on sharing the driving duties among your family or friends during a long road trip? Think carefully about whether or not you require a second or third driver on your booking. You will usually need to pay the driver’s fees to the van rental agency in case you need a driver. Make sure you check the driving license of the driver as well as the persons (you or your friends or your family members) who have decided to drive the rental van. 

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But you need to remember if an accident happens while someone who is not on the rental van agreement is driving, your insurance (which you have bought through the rental van company) may not cover the incident. It is always advisable to make sure the person who drives is competent to operate and has a driving license for a safe trip.

Your Insurance Situation

Make sure you have all the insurance you need without purchasing any coverage from the van rental agency. If you are booking a van through any Online Travel Agent, always check to make sure they did not include their insurance in your final price. Also, know what your insurance covers.

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In case if you have any doubt, call your insurance company to verify. It is always advisable to buy the insurance offered by the rental agencies in case you lack personal auto insurance, and your credit card does not provide any benefits regarding protection.  

These things make your trip hassle-free and peaceful. Rent a van by keeping in mind the above-mentioned things and have a safe trip. Finally, if this post on things to know before renting a van has been useful, check out this post on emergency stopping distance.


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