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This week has been a bit surreal. When I started blogging, I wanted somewhere to share my thoughts and feelings of life as a new mum. I quickly became addicted to it, and realised that I love writing, too. I love having somewhere to vent, moan and cheer about all aspects of our family life. I also love the fact I have such an epic chunk of memories for Sam to read when he is older (And Robyn too).

This week, my little piece of cyberspace has blasted through the 100,000 page views mark for the 2nd month in a row, and looks set to beat last month’s total page views as well. I am overwhelmed so many people are reading my ramblings.

I saw a tweet earlier this week, saying that our local free newspaper was looking for local bloggers to write pieces on life in Salford. I tweeted asking for more information, and after a couple of emails, I was offered my very own Monthly column in the Salford Advertiser! The newspaper is delivered free of charge to every house in Salford. My column will be my take on life as a Salford Mum. I am very excited about it. I submitted my first column this morning, and am now waiting to find out what they think – EEK!

In between all of that, Sam had his 12 Month injections yesterday – I still can’t look him in the eye I feel so guilty about it. I am now 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant, and feeling it. The exhaustion has kicked in now. I am off to see the midwife later on and hoping she will tell me baby is going to arrive soon, but I know the chances of that are probably a zillion to one! I have been having plenty of tightenings but nothing which makes me think Robyn will be with us this week.

I am still a bit jealous of everyone attending BritMums Live this weekend, but I am hoping Robyn will time her arrival to distract my green eyed monster! I hope everyone has an amazing time down there in the big smoke. Think of me up here in Salford, waddling around wishing I was with you!!

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